Terms for personalised stamps

1. General information

Personalised stamps can be used as regular stamps in Norway, Europe and the rest of the world.

These stamps can be ordered by uploading pictures to our website and following the instructions there.

You must be aged 18 or over to make purchases from our online store. You can feel completely secure when you shop. Posten Norge uses secure, tried and tested payment options. Pay with your VISA or Mastercard when you place your order. We use Netaxept, which makes online shopping easy and secure.

We make reservation for the fact that typing errors may occur in the product information.

Service and complaints:

Please send any enquiries to personlige.frimerker@posten.no or phone 23 14 78 70.

2. Application validity

These terms and conditions of delivery are applied when Posten Norge AS sells personalised stamps to private individuals, business customers or organisation customers (referred to below as the customer). The customer approves the terms and conditions of delivery by placing an order.

The order agreement for personalised stamps comes into force when Posten Norge has received the customer’s order.

3. Processing principles and processing methods

Posten Norge merely assists with technical production and distribution of personalised stamps and accepts no liability for the legality of any statements or other content on the stamps.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the material does not cause disruptions or harm to Posten Norge or any third parties. Among other things, the material must not contain viruses or have properties with the intention of disabling or otherwise harming software, hardware, informational similar.

If the motif contains text in any language other than Norwegian, the customer must supply, upon request, an official Norwegian translation of the text created by an authorised translator before Posten Norge is able to process the order. The customer is aware that Posten Norge is entitled to remove and delete the image files in question in such instances. Posten Norge may refuse to produce personalised stamps that are not worthy of being used as stamps, including images, figures and text:

  • that include inappropriate or improper motifs, are illegal, harmful, threatening, upsetting, defamatory, lewd, crude, offensive, repulsive or obscene. Photos/illustrations depicting nakedness will not be approved as stamp motifs under any circumstances.
  • that include governmental, societal or similar symbols or characteristics.
  • that infringe patents, trademarks, business secrets, copyright or other exclusive rights, individuals’ rights to their own names, images and private lives.
  • if publication would be in contravention of criminal law or other legislation.
    Posten Norge is entitled, in compliance with Norwegian law, to submit material as specified above to a competent authority if Posten Norge receives material that may impose civil or criminal liability on the person who supplied it, or if the material contravenes the directives or provisions of Posten Norge or a competent authority.

4. Product ordering, cancellation, delivery and payment

Personalised stamps are ordered at posten.no/personlige. Orders are binding. Such products are produced to the customer’s specifications and so there is no money-back guarantee on these purchases; cf. the Norwegian Right of Cancellation Act, § 22 e).

Orders approved by Posten Norge will be supplied in accordance with the price applicable on the order date. A processing charge, currently NOK 35.00, will be applied to all consignments. The minimum order for personalised stamps is 20 units (one sheet). The normal delivery time is approx. four working days, but such delivery deadlines cannot be guaranteed.

Orders are delivered by post, either as letters or as parcels. Business customers can be invoiced for personalised stamps. Business customers are identified by means of their company registration numbers. Ordering personalised stamps with application of business terms and conditions is not possible without a valid company registration number. Private customers must use a payment card to make their payment when placing the order.

5. Materials, technical data

Materials will not be returned. Images submitted for the production of personalised stamps will be retained by Posten Norge for up to 5 years. Nevertheless, Posten Norge accepts no liability for the actual retention of the stamps.

Images must be in JPEG file format, minimum 480 x 640 pixels.

6. Intellectual property rights

Copyright and other intellectual property rights to all of Posten Norge’s own products belong to Posten Post, or to companies in the same group and their partners. Posten Norge will acquire no intellectual property rights to materials submitted by customers. These rights remain with the customer.

The customer is granted rights of disposal for the personalised stamps ordered, providing entitlement to use the personalised stamps in unchanged form.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that he has all the necessary rights to images uploaded. If there are pictures of individuals and/or names in the images submitted by the customer, the customer is responsible for obtaining the permission of the person in question to use the pictures/name in compliance with the delivery terms and conditions for personalised stamps. If the customer wishes to produce personalised stamps from images taken by photo studios, school photographers, etc., or from images taken by a third party, the customer must check first with the photographer that the customer has sufficient copyright or other rights to produce personalised stamps. Production of personalised stamps bearing motifs from Norwegian stamps issued previously is not permitted without the consent of Posten Norge. International stamps are not normally approved as motifs on Norwegian personalised stamps. The customer is responsible for the use of the images.

The materials must not infringe anyone’s data protection, rights, copyright or other intellectual property rights, and must not contravene good practice, the law or the regulations of the authorities. Posten Norge is not obliged to check intellectual property rights or other rights to materials submitted by the customer. The customer is responsible, on their own behalf, for any conflicts and any legal costs or other costs, damages and other compensation liabilities that may arise due to the materials submitted by the customer, and must indemnify Posten Norge in the event of claims from third parties as a consequence of failure to hold the rights to use images or other circumstances arising from the use of the stamp.

7. About our prices

All prices are specified in Norwegian kroner and include VAT. A processing charge will also be added.

Prices for personalised stamps are slightly higher than for regular stamps. This is because personalised stamps are produced specifically for each individual customer. That said, the postage value is as for standard mail domestic, Europe or rest of the world.

8. Usage period

Personalised stamps can be used in perpetuity.

9. Errors and complaints

There will always be discrepancies in colours appearing in images on screen and on paper. The product will be considered to contain errors if it differs considerably from the original image. The customer must submit complaints on any errors discovered to Posten Norge as soon as possible, and within 30 days of receipt of the delivery. In the first instance, Posten Norge’s liability for product errors is limited to correcting errors for which Posten Norge is liable. Posten Norge accepts no liability for the customer’s errors or errors caused by a third party.

10. Compensation for costs and damage

Compensation from Posten Norge is limited to the value of the order.

11. Amendment to the terms and conditions

Posten Norge reserves the right to amend these delivery terms and conditions.

12. Other terms and conditions

Disputes arising from these terms and conditions must be finally settled by Norwegian law.