Terms for use of PostenID for private individuals

Below are the terms and conditions (“Terms”) governing the use of PostenID, a service provided by Posten Norge AS, co. reg. no. 984,661,185. The Terms are deemed to be read, understood and accepted by the physical person (“the User”) who will use PostenID when the User completes the registration process and makes use of the service.

The Terms are applicable to PostenID and the services covered by/using the logon solution at any given time.

1. About PostenID

PostenID is a logon solution that allows the User to log on to selected services provided by Posten Norge and approved partners with a single username and password. The purpose of PostenID is to allow the User to control their profile and give them the opportunity to control all electronic communication from Posten Norge related to the services using the logon solution at any given time. The following information will be obtained during the registration process before the User can use PostenID:

  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

If the User wishes to use any Posten Norge services that require a higher level of security, PostenID can be optionally upgraded using BankID or other eID solutions approved by Posten Norge. In such cases the following information, in addition to the above, will be obtained during the registration process:

  • Personal identification number
  • Home address

The User must be at least 15 years old to upgrade PostenID with BankID.

2. Price and invoicing terms

You can create a PostenID for free.

3. Service level

PostenID aims to be available to customers and users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Posten Norge may suspend service in the event of a technical fault, software upgrade, system maintenance, changes, power failure or similar conditions.

4. The user's use of PostenID

4.1 General

The security solutions are protected by a password/code which is personal. The User is solely responsible for its use. It is therefore extremely important that a unique password/code is used which are never given to others or written down so that unauthorized persons can pretend to be the User with regard to Posten Norge. The password should be changed in accordance with the specifications stated as requirements for the security solution at any given time.

The user can upgrade PostenID with a BankID issued by any bank in Norway, or any other corresponding security instrument approved by Posten Norge. The password/code generated by a security instrument of this kind is the User’s signature when using PostenID. It will be assumed that it is the User who has made use of the individual service where the correct password is used.

The User is solely responsible for losses resulting from the User giving their PostenID information to others or from others acquiring such access as a result of circumstances on the part of the User.

All necessary personal information that Posten Norge has about the user must always be updated. The User is solely responsible for ensuring that the correct email address and phone number are stored at Posten Norge and for providing information on changes by logging on to www.posten.no and changing this information under personal settings, provided that the User wishes to receive notification by email and/or text message (depending on what is available) concerning the individual service covered by PostenID.

If the User discovers errors, omissions, irregularities or any other issues that may be of significance to Posten Norge as a supplier of PostenID, the User must notify Posten Norge of this.

4.2 Transmission of notifications

Posten Norge will send notices to the User regarding items such as new functionality, operational information and other information related to services from Posten Norge and its partners. The User grants Posten Norge permission to use text messaging and the email address that the User has specified to correct any marketing communications and other communication to the User.

The User can turn off/on the current notification services/communication as desired under “Settings” or using the cancel function directly in any received notification (text messages/email) where this feature is made available. Such changes will only affect Posten Norge services that use PostenID and will not override any other consents that may have been granted in other contexts.

5. Posten Norge’s obligations and rights

Posten Norge is responsible for carrying out the tasks that the User initiates pursuant to these Terms..

Posten Norge is not liable for errors, omissions or disruptions related to equipment, software, access to or transmission via the Internet or the User’s selected authentication solution (BankID issued by any bank in Norway, or any other corresponding security instrument approved by Posten Norge).

Posten Norge has the opportunity to send notifications to the User regarding new options, operational information and other information related to the individual service covered by PostenID.

6. Amendments

The Terms may be amended in the event of an upgrade to a new version or by giving one month’s written notice to the User, sending this to the email address provided by the User during registration.

7. Confidentiality

The Parties are obliged to take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure that material or information are not used for purposes other than the implementation of the agreement covered by these Terms or made known to others in violation of this paragraph. Employees or others who resign from their positions with Posten Norge remain bound by this confidentiality clause on matters mentioned above also following their resignation.

The duty of confidentiality also applies after the contractual relationship under these Terms has ceased.

The duty of confidentiality does not apply when there is an obligation to provide material or information pursuant to law, regulation or official decision.

8. Processing of personal data and marketing

Read the general terms

8.1 Consent and basis for processing

Personal data means information and assessments that can be linked to an individual. The data to be processed are set out in Section 8.2 below. Processing means any use of personal data, such as. collection, recording, storage and delivery or a combination of such uses.

Personal data in PostenID will be processed in order to comply with the rights and obligations under these Terms, cf. the Personal Data Act, § 8 a). In addition, personal data will be used to improve PostenID and the services covered by it at any given time as well as to direct marketing communications to the User, cf. the Personal Data Act, § 8 f). The User hereby consents to the processing of all personal data as specified under Section 8.2 below.

8.2 Personal data to be processed

Information about the User will be obtained when a PostenID user/account is created. The following personal data will be collected and processed about the User:

  • Contact: mobile telephone number and email address
  • Electronic identification (IP address, cookies)
  • Information about the User’s use of the respective services/solution
  • Traffic data
  • Credit card and other payment information in cases where this is necessary

The following information will be collected about the User when logging on to solutions that require a higher level of security, cf. clause 1:

  • Personal identification number
  • Home address

Through comparison and analysis the information can be used as the basis for sending relevant offers and other information that may be of interest to the User. The purpose is to provide more relevant information. Such transmission may occur by addressed mail, text messaging, electronic mail or other similar manner. The User consents to allow Posten Norge AS and other companies in the Posten Norge Group to use this information for the above purposes.

The above information obtained when logging on to solutions that require a higher level of security may be used by Posten Norge for secure identification in connection with address changes for the User and in the case of customs clearance for goods sent to the User from another country.

PostenID uses the address database of Posten Norge AS to link the User to a physical address. All information obtained from the User will be available to the User via their profile and can be amended by the User via PostenID or Posten Norge’s address change service. Some changes may be conditional upon approval before they are activated in PostenID.

In addition, information is obtained that cannot be linked to the User and is only used for preparing general statistics, as well as for the improvement of the respective services. This is information about:

  • Browser and settings for this
  • Operating system
  • Display resolution and number of colours on the screen
    Internet connection
  • Sites visited and time of visit
  • Which site the User is coming from

Posten Norge uses cookies to collect statistics. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the user equipment in connection with the use of internet services. Identification of the individual user as a person is not undertaken in connection with the use of cookies. By changing the settings in their browser the User can choose to refrain from the use of cookies. However, cookies must be accepted in order to log on with PostenID. Posten Norge will also be able to use similar technology such as cookies, such as “web beacons”, “pixel tags”, etc. as well as other technology that will perform the same functions as cookies in the future.

Posten Norge will also be able to save the User’s IP address. An IP address is a unique number assigned to the network devices, for example. a computer, communicating with each other over the Internet. The User’s IP address will only be used for statistical purposes and for the collection of demographic information in a broad sense, and will therefore not be attributed to the User or customer.

The above information is used to make possible the various services covered by PostenID, to manage and further develop the service(s), authentication processes, diagnose problems with PostenID and associated systems, develop new ideas and services and communicate with users.

8.3 Disclosure of personal data to third parties

If there is a requirement to send, receive or archive messages, or perform other services that use PostenID, the personal data that is required to perform such a service may be supplied to third parties.

Except as required by the Terms, personal data will not be disclosed to third parties for commercial use.

8.4 Information security and safety measures

Posten Norge is obliged to implement the security measures as required by the Personal Data Act, §§ 13 and 14, and the Personal Data Regulations dated 15 December 2000, no. 1265, Chapters 2 and 3, and any other requirements specified by law or by a public authority.

9. Errors or omissions

9.1 Complaints

The User must notify Posten Norge of applicable errors or defects involving PostenID or the services covered, resulting in the User failing to receive the services to which the User is entitled pursuant to these Terms within a reasonable time and not later than 10 days after the User discovered or should have discovered the error or defect.

9.2 Corrective measures

As soon as possible after having become aware of such an error or omission, Posten Norge must implement measures to correct the error or omission.

9.3 Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances is Posten Norge liable in the event that third parties or users of PostenID, consciously or unconsciously, gain access to the User’s data, prevent or impede the User’s use of the included services.

9.4 Termination

By providing written notice to Posten Norge the User can terminate the contractual relationship the User has with Posten Norge under these Terms with immediate effect if there is material breach by Posten Norge. Point 15, second paragraph applies for the implementation of such termination to the extent appropriate.

10. User default

10.1 Termination and closure

Posten Norge may terminate the contractual relationship Posten Norge has with the User pursuant to these Terms with immediate effect, preventing the User accessing PostenID and included services, in the event of a material breach of contract on the part of the User. Material breach of contract includes the User providing incorrect or incomplete information about the User, the User violating the law, regulations or official decisions or otherwise abusing PostenID or information or data forming part of PostenID.

Point 15, second paragraph applies for the implementation of such termination to the extent appropriate, however such that the User will not have access to stored data after termination.

11. Grounds for exemption (force majeure)

Posten Norge is not liable for losses arising from statutory intervention or administrative acts, actual or threat of war, rebellion, civil unrest, vandalism, sabotage, terrorism, strikes, lockouts, boycotts and blockades, regardless of whether it is Posten Norge itself or the Posten Norge organization the conflict is aimed at, or implemented by, and regardless of the grounds for the conflict, including also when the conflict only affects parts of Posten Norge’s functions, as well as interruptions to IT operations (including the failure of deliveries from external suppliers) due to the above.

12. Transfer of rights and obligations etc.

Posten Norge can freely assign its rights and obligations under the agreement according to these Terms between companies within the Posten Norge group. The right to remuneration may be freely transferred outside the Posten Norge Group.

If the User has upgraded their PostenID using BankID (or other similar security instrument approved by Posten Norge), the User cannot transfer the right to use PostenID as this right is linked to the individual personally.

13. Notice

Unless otherwise expressly provided by these Terms, notice in connection with the contractual relationship under these Terms must be provided in writing and sent to the following address:

To Norway Post: kundeservice@posten.no or

Posten Norge AS, P.O.Box 1500 Sentrum, 0001 Oslo

To User: The Customer’s Digipost box, the email address provided by the User during registration or the postal address that the Customer has registered with Norway Post.

14. Ordinary termination

The parties have a mutual right to terminate the agreement under these Terms by providing one week’s written notice, without further justification, provided that all outstanding issues have been settled and that the parties do not have claims against each other.

If the User dies, the User’s PostenID and stored data will be deleted three months after Posten Norge receives notification of their death. The person(s) with legal power to commit the User should contact Posten Norge to access the User’s profile before deletion if appropriate. Posten Norge reserves the right to retain the data necessary for following up the customer relationship.

15. Jurisdiction and legal venue

The contract is subject to and shall be interpreted according to Norwegian law. Attempts shall be made to settle disputes between Posten Norge and the User amicably. If this cannot be done, either of the parties may bring the dispute before the ordinary courts in compliance with the regulations of the Disputes Act concerning legal venue.

16. Intellectual property rights

All rights to the Posten app and PostenID belong to Posten or any third parties with whom Posten has entered into an agreement. Such rights may include trademarks, endpoints, program code, text, images, etc. It is not permitted to use such rights in any other way than as agreed with Posten through this agreement.