Terms for recipient-ordered redirection

By entering into an agreement for the service, you accept the following:

  • By ordering the service, you grant us/Posten power of attorney to redirect a parcel to the agreed location.
  • Once the parcel has been placed at the agreed location, as the recipient you will be responsible for it.
  • The recipient undertakes all responsibility for any damage to or loss of the parcel after delivery at the agreed location.
  • Once we have delivered the parcel at the agreed location, you will receive a receipt from us by text message.

The service can be ordered for all parcels to be delivered at your home during the period from 08:00 to 21:00, when you must usually sign for receipt of the parcel.

The service is not recommended in larger towns and cities, or apartment buildings, unless Posten can deliver the parcel in an enclosed entrance or similar. Not all addresses in Norway are suitable for redirected items, but this is something you must assess as the recipient.

The service may not be ordered for parcels which require identification or contain hazardous goods, or for parcels that are temperature-sensitive, such as pharmaceuticals.