Our Christmas guide

Posten Christmas guide make the pre-Christmas period easier. Get your packages delivered home, avoid queues and send from your own mailbox are some of the advice from us to you.

1. Plan Christmas and report where you live

Old mailing lists can cause delayed mail. Remember to update your own and check other people's addresses.

2. Use good packaging – it is no shame to pack properly

Choose packaging that suits what you are sending, avoid extra air in the package, and pack well. You are welcome to use packaging you already have. See our packaging tips here.

3. Pay attention to the sending deadlines

Send Christmas mail well in advance so that it arrives in time for Christmas Eve. There are separate deadlines for each country – check the deadlines here.

4. Save your energy and send from home

Buy stamps or Norgespakke™ 0-5 kg online, and send from your own mailbox. Use the packaging you find at home. The postman picks up.

5. Download Postens tracking app and show pick up code

The Posten app makes it easy to track and pick up packages, and order home delivery. You can also send parcels, buy digital stamps, open hatches in the parcel box, and find opening hours at your pick-up point.

6. Skip maps and compass

You can order home delivery instead, or choose fixed delivery point.

7. Listen to experienced postmen, pick up your package as soon as possible

Help your pickup location and pick up the packages as they arrive. Tip: Check in the Posten app when there is little traffic at your pick-up point.

8. Make safe choices – use Norgespakke™

Send both small and large packages with Norgespakke™. Use optional packaging; something you already have, or buy at Posten. We also help you if it is urgent and the package must be delivered the same or the next day.

9. Adapt the trip and pick up packages where you travel

Parcel box (Pakkeboks) allows you to pick up your packages closer to where you live or travel, at all hours of the day. Select "Pakkeboks" when you check out in online store. You use the Posten app to open the hatch in the parcel box.

By Nina Farstad Engebretsen/Ingvild Janne Tørlen 2020.11.20