Help with my address and mail

Questions & answers

  • You can log in to My address and check the address information and make any changes.

  • In our address search, you can find which pickup location is associated with your address.

    In the search, all the addresses are listed including house number and associated postal code.

    Hover over the address and you will see the pickup location (for packages and large shipments).

  • No, we can forward it if you tick off that option.

  • Yes. It is important that we receive a request from you where you want to set up a mailbox or want to move the one you have. You will receive an approval when the location is approved. As there are more considerations to take in terms of placement, Posten will in some cases assign a different placement than desired. More about mailbox relocation.

  • You must notify us if you move or wish your mail to another address. All types of addressed mail, distributed through Posten, will be forwarded. Domestic, this also applies to small packages sent as letters.

    Packages can be forwarded for additional postage paid by the beneficiary upon delivery. Here you need to contact customer service.

  • You must notify us if you are moving abroad permanently or temporarily.

    We forward mail with some restrictions. Shipments of items can unfortunately not be forwarded abroad due to customs declaration.

    With permanent change of address, newspapers and magazines will not be forwarded. Remember to notify the publisher about the new address.

  • Yes, but you must present written documentation that you have been appointed as guardian/assistant guardian, and the mandates you have as guardian. In addition, you must identify yourself when you submit the change of address.