Questions about shipments in Pakkeboks (parcel box)

Any questions, or having trouble getting hold of a package that has been delivered in a Pakkeboks? See questions and answers below, try our chatbot or contact our customer service.

About pickup and shipping in Pakkeboks

    1. Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on for your phone.
    2. Make sure you have downloaded the Pakkeboks app and logged in with your phone number.
    3. Try to go a little closer to the Pakkeboks, Bluetooth only works when you are in the immediate vicinity of the box.

    If you have verified that all the points above are correct and you still cannot get your package, contact customer service and they will assist you.

  • The package will not be visible in the Pakkeboks app until we have received and scanned it at our terminal. You will therefore get notifications from Posten that your package is on its way, before the package becomes visible to you in the Pakkeboks app.

    If it has been a long time before you received notice from Posten, without receiving any new message, it could be due to various factors:

    1. You have downloaded the Pakkeboks app, but have not registered. You must register with your phone number and you will receive a code that you use to activate the app. Once you have done this, the package should be visible in the app.
    2. When you sign up for the app, you'll need to use the same phone number you used when ordering the package. The phone number acts as the link between your package and you.
  • If you do not have the option to retrieve the package in your selected Pakkeboks, we can redirect it to a manned pickup location. Contact customer service.

  • Not all packages can be delivered to the Pakkeboks. It may be that your package is too large, that there are requirements for temperature control, or requirements for proof of identification at delivery. The package will then arrive at your ordinary pickup location.

  • Yes, you can easily give others permission to get your package for you, which you do in the Pakkeboks app. If the person you are transferring the package to does not have the Pakkeboks app, they will be prompted to download it and create a user. When this is done, your package will be visible in the app and they can retrieve the package for you.

  • No, not at this time.

  • Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. We are working to get it in place.

About ordering packages to a Pakkeboks

  • If you enter a shipping address near a Pakkeboks, you can select Pakkeboks as the delivery option in the online store. In some cases, the options will be presented to you as a list, but in some online stores you will need to find a button that says "change delivery location" or similar. Note that not all online stores offer an optional delivery point.

    In addition, you need to download the Pakkeboks app. Sign up for the app and get ready to receive packages more easily!

  • You can find the nearest Pakkeboks via the map on this page.

  • Not all online stores offer optional delivery sites. If this is the case, Pakkeboks will not appear as delivery method. If the online store you shop in offers an optional delivery point, but it still doesn't appear, it's because you live too far away.

  • Find the Pakkeboks you want to use on the map on this page and tap it. Then you will be able to see the address of the Pakkeboks. Use this as a delivery address in the online store, and you will get it as an alternative if the online store you shop in offers an optional delivery location.

  • Once the package is sorted at our terminal, it is allocated to your selected Pakkeboks. If it turns out that your chosen Pakkeboks is full, the package is too large or for other reasons cannot be delivered to a parcel automat, the package will be redirected to your permanent pickup location.

    You can track the package through the Posten app all the way. In addition, we send SMS and e-mail when the package is ready to be picked up.

  • No, it costs nothing more than getting the packages to Post in Store or a Post Office.

About the Pakkeboks app

  • Android mobile with OS 4.4 or later, or an iPhone with iOS 10 or later. Bluetooth must also be enabled on the phone when retrieving your package.

  • You will need to download the app again and log in with your phone number. If you are not going to use the app on your old phone and the phone is to be used by another person, you should log out and uninstall the app on your old phone. Otherwise, the app on your old phone will still receive notification of your packages and receive the digital keys to retrieve the packages.

  • Yes, it is. We do not need any more information when the parcel is delivered via Pakkeboks than the ones you have provided to the online store you have purchased from.

  • Yes, you can have the app and sign in with the same phone number on multiple devices. It is the device you used the app recently, which will receive notifications of your packages.

  • When you register a new phone number for the app, you will receive an SMS with a code, which will be used to activate the phone number in the app. It is not possible to receive digital keys without this registration.

  • It is a key that allows you to operate the Pakkeboks with your Pakkeboks app. This is a "virtual" key that you can't see or touch, that is inside the app. It is this functionality that safeguards security, so we know that only you can get hold of your package.

  • When you have a package on the way, we will send a digital key to your Pakkeboks app. A digital key is invisible, but allows you to open the package box and retrieve your package. The digital key is completely unique, so there is no one but you who can open the door where your package is located.

  • The digital key is invisible, but is sent digitally to your smartphone when you have the app and have registered. So you just have to keep in mind that you need to bring your phone with installed app and enabled Bluetooth to operate Pakkeboks.