Parcel box (Pakkeboks)

Pick up packages in the parcel box

Parcel box lets you pick up your packages closer to where you live or travel, at all hours of the day.

What is parcel box (Pakkeboks)?

Parcel box (Pakkeboks) is a type of self-service parcel automat to be put out in neighborhoods all over Norway.

Today, Posten has placed parcel boxes in more than 1300 locations in Norway, all the way from Mandal in the south to Alta in the north. But we do not stop there! During 2022, we will put out parcel boxes in even more places. The parcel boxes can be left outdoors and are available around the clock. This makes it easy and flexible to retrieve your packages.

To retrieve packages in the parcel box, use the Posten app. You will be notified when the package is on its way and when it is ready to be picked up. To retrieve your package, use the app to open the slot in the parcel box.

See how to use the parcel box
See how to use the parcel box

Select in the online store

The "Pakkeboks" (parcel box) is selected as a delivery option when you select the delivery method in the online store, and is available in some online stores. The reason why parcel boxes cannot be selected in all online stores is that some online stores only allow you to select serviced pick-up points, such as Post-in-Shop. We are working to help even more online stores to offer parcel boxes to you as an e-commerce customer.

Online stores delivering to parcel boxes

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Our customers love to pick up packages in Pakkeboks!

Housing associations and co-owners who already have a parcel box and have used it for a while are very happy. Our customers give parcel box 4.7 stars out of 5 and also state this as one of the most popular pick-up options.

Questions and answers that others are wondering about

  • If you enter a shipping address near a parcel box, you can select "Pakkeboks" (parcel box) as the delivery option in the online store. In some cases, the options will be presented to you as a list, but in some online stores you will need to find a button that says "change delivery location" or similar. Note that not all online stores offer an optional delivery point. Feel free to encourage stores you shop at to add this delivery option if you wish to have a choice about this.

    Tip: Do you want to have your parcel delivered to a parcel box, even if you do not live close enough for it to appear as a delivery option when you enter your address? Find the "Pakkeboks" (parcel box) you want to use on the map above and tap it. Then you will see the address of the parcel box. Use this as your delivery address and you will get it as an alternative in the online stores that offer an optional delivery point.

    In addition, you need to download the Posten app. Sign up for the app and get ready to receive packages more easily!

  • No, it costs nothing more than getting the packages to Post in Shop or a Post Office.

  • Yes, you can share information about the parcel by using the share button in the app.

  • From Tuesday 22 June 2021, you will no longer be able to use the old Pakkeboks app. You get everything you need to pick up in the parcel box in our Posten app.