Packages to pickup locations

Get notified in the Posten app or by SMS

When you shop online, you can choose how to receive the goods. You can choose to pick them up at Posten, in a Pakkeboks (parcel locker) or have them delivered to your home.

Receive SMS instead of a pickup note

Give us your mobile number and we can send you an SMS when shipments can be picked up. Enter the mobile number at Your address or download the Posten app. You will be notified and can pick up the shipment earlier.

Posten pickup locations

Get notification and pickup codes in the Posten app. The app gives you an overview of your shipments and makes it easy to track packages sent with Posten and Bring. You can also turn on notification that notifies you when you are near a package that can be picked up.

In addition to the post offices, Post in Shops and Pakkeboks (parcel lockers) we have our own parcel delivery locations where you can pick up parcels and hand in return shipments and parcels you have prepaid online.

Pickup deadlines

We really appreciate that you pick up the packages as soon as you can.

More about pickup deadlines

Post in Shop and Post Office

We have Post in Shop all over the country where you can pick up and send packages.

Pakkeboks (parcel locker)

Pakkeboks (parcel locker) is a self-service parcel automat that is placed in neighborhoods all over Norway. You can choose "Pakkeboks" as the delivery point when you shop in some online stores. You use the Posten app to open the hatch in the parcel locker. We are constantly working to place parcel lockers in new locations, and offer online stores this delivery option. Read more about parcel box.

Indoor parcel automat

Parcel automats are located indoors at the pickup point and it is the staff at the pickup point that decides which packages are placed in the automat.

Enter the pickup code on the screen of the parcel automat, and a hatch with your package will open.

We have 30 parcel automats located around Norway, including Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger and Tromsø. These automats follow the opening hours of the location.

Redirection of package to delivery at the door

You have ordered delivery to your pickup location, but you can still have the package delivered to your door. When the package is on its way to your pickup location, you will receive a SMS from us. You can choose to redirect the package by clicking on the link in the message. You can also order a redirection home from the pickup point where the package is located; use the button further down the page here. See the exceptions below for when redirection is not possible.

    • Shipments you have chosen to pick up at a pickup location other than your usual one, or shipments to a Parcel locker (Pakkeboks).
    • Shipments with customs, cash on delivery or temperature sensitive content.
    • Mail items that are too large for the mailbox and must be picked up at a Posten pickup locations.
    • Packages ordered for the mailbox (Package in the mailbox), but which do not fit and must be picked up at a Posten pickup location.
    • Shipments you have chosen to pick up at a pickup location other than your usual one, or shipments to parcel box (Pakkeboks).

    Shipments with customs, cash on delivery or temperature sensitive content.

Apart from Black Week and Christmas traffic (21.11. up to and including 27.12.2023) the service works like this:

The service is available throughout the country Monday to Friday. You choose which day you want the package delivered, and it is delivered to your door between 17.00 and 21.00 in cities and towns *. For the rest of the country, delivery takes place between 08.00 and 17.00.

* In Oslo, Stokke and Drammens area, home delivery has been extended by three hours from 15.00–22.00 every day of the week (Monday–Friday). In high season this will apply to all cities and towns. You can request that we leave the package if you are not at home. For delivery in the evening, you will receive an SMS with a shorter time window of expected arrival.

Prices for home redirection:

  • 65.– kroner when ordering the same day you receive the message.
  • 95.– kroner when ordering after this.
  • 45.– kroner for each additional package sent in total from the same sender.