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Delivery in the mailbox

Get packages delivered directly to your mailbox. All letters and small packages can be delivered directly to the mailbox. The larger your mailbox, the more space.
  • If the shipment is too large, you will receive a text message or a pickup note informing you that the package can be picked up at your pickup location. If you have the opportunity, buy yourself a big mailbox! See our selection of mailboxes and enter your order.
  • We can also place the package at your regular delivery place registered with us. Register your fixed location for deliveries.
  • You can not redirect shipments that are too large for the mailbox and are delivered to your pickup point.
  • See our overview of delivery methods you can choose from when buying in online stores.

Mark your door with your name

In some cases, the sender pays for the package to be delivered at your door if it does not fit in your mailbox. Then it is important that you mark your door with a name so that the postman can leave the package.

Tip: At Posten sign shop, you can order nice door signs. You can of course also make your very own door sign.

Choose between a silver grey, green or white mailbox.

Prices and delivery time

Indicative delivery time for all mail franked with stamps is 2–3 working days. Find the prices here.

From July 7, 2020, we switched to delivery of mail every other day. See more about what the changes entail for you.

Many online stores offer packages in the mailbox as a delivery option. 60 % of the country's households receive such packages delivered every weekday. Check for your zip-code.

Locking and safety

On many mailboxes it is possible to put on a lock to secure the mailbox. The postman will then only be able to deliver narrow and thin letters, and all small packages must be picked up at Posten. Thus, the advantages and disadvantages of locking the mailbox must be weighed against each other.