Flexible to receive from Posten

Choose where, how and when you want to receive packages from us. Online stores offer several delivery options. For some packages, you can also order home delivery when the package is en route or at your pick-up point.

Choose one of these delivery options in online stores:

Illustration of a red mailbox on a stick with pink background

Delivery in the mailbox

Easy and straight home! And for packages that are too large for the mailbox or do not fit because it is full: We place it at your fixed delivery place registered with us, or the package is taken to your pick-up point and you receive a pick-up message.

Illustration of a woman fetching a parcel from an open locker in the parcel box (Pakkeboks)

Package delivered in parcel box (Pakkeboks)

You will now find parcel boxes all over the country. Select parcel box (Pakkeboks) as pick-up point the next time you shop online. You can pick up packages whenever you want around the clock by using the Posten app.

Illustration of woman opening a parcel, and behind her a scenery of housings and a truck and a bicycle on a road

Home delivery ordered in online stores

We deliver packages between 17.00 and 21.00 in cities and towns, for the rest of the country the delivery takes place between 08.00 and 17.00. For delivery in the evening, you will either receive an SMS or the driver will call 30–60 minutes before arrival.

Illustration of a Posten truck on a road with parcels in the air.

Package to pick-up location

You will receive a pick-up message in the Posten app, by SMS or e-mail. If you want the package delivered home, you can redirect it via the SMS you receive or order a ride home from the pick-up point later.

Download the Posten app

Follow your shipments with our app. With the Posten app, you can see when and where the packages can be picked up, open a hatch in the package box, send a package and have the opportunity to order home delivery if you wish.