Use your faves
Create unique personal stamps

Personalised stamps are perfect for wedding invitations and greeting cards, confirmations, baptisms, as well as Christmas cards. Do you have a favourite photo stored on your phone? You can upload and order personal stamps right from your mobile phone.
Collage with personal stamps with wedding motifs

This is what you do:

  • Upload a photo, select a frame and number of stamps.
  • The stamps apply to cards or letters up to 20 grams.
  • You can choose whether the stamps should be used in Norway or shipped to other countries.

Tips for various occasions

Inspiration for baptism and naming

When family and friends gather to celebrate the little one, it is extra wonderful to receive a nice invitation in the mail. Have you taken a beautiful baby picture that will bring out the smile of the recipient? Use personal stamps on the envelope and make the recipient happy already at the mailbox.

Design tips:

Newborn portrait photos, a special outfit such as home knitwear, a gorgeous dress, funny hair band or cool cross loop, snug baby feet, or baby with the favourite teddy bear. Feel free to use the colour palette you have planned for the party, for example, by taking pictures of the child and a pink or light blue blanket, a yellow kick dress or green harness pants.

Show off the Confirmant!

Cool photos from sports or the outdoors, a natural portrait or something that shows the creative or tough side of the Confirmant can turn into great stamps. To reminisce through photos and let the Confirmant choose image for personal stamp can be a great way to involve them in the planning.

If you are thinking about the whole of the celebration, use the same colour scheme on the stamp, invitation and decoration.

Ideas for pictures:

Choose whether to use an image in full figure, portrait or detail. Feel free to take pictures in activity – whether it is an active sport, drawing or games. Let the Confirmant choose their favourite costume without a dress, gown or national costume, take a photo with pets or find a favourite flash shot from childhood.

Engagement and wedding

When you're engaged and getting married, it's nice to send out hold of date cards or invitations in the mail. Personalised stamps are the icing on the invitation.

Feel free to use a nice and romantic image of the engagement rings, a selfie of you as a couple or anything else that is typical of you. The invitation is the first impression guests get of the wedding, and it is great to keep the red thread whether you want a romantic, classic or trendy celebration.

Ideas for pictures:

Invitations: pictures of ring and hands, favourite picture of you as a couple, pictures of holding hands, engagement pictures, monogram of initials.

Thank You Card: Picture of the bridal couple, bouquet, public photo of all the guests, the bridal couple during dinner, picture of the couple opening the wedding cake, detail pictures of the outfit, rings, the room or other memorable pictures.

Prices for personalised stamps

Domestic/Europe/rest of the worldPrice
Sheet of 20 stamps, domestic560.–
Sheet of 20 stamps, Europe720.–
Sheet of 20 stamps, rest of the world840.–
Shipping cost for each order. Delivery time is usually 4 business days.35.–