Placement of mailboxes

Posten aims to deliver mail at the right time and with good accessibility to our recipients. Therefore, we depend on your placement of the mailbox and also proper labelling of the mailbox.

Important when setting up your mailbox

Mailbox and attachment (stand, buckle, or similar) are private property and owner's responsibility in terms of purchase, setup and maintenance, as well as costs associated with this. It is important that the mailbox is securely attached.

The opening lid should be 100–120 cm from the ground and should be able to open completely. The mailbox's location should not result in traffic hazardous situations, and should be easily accessible from the outside of your property.

Mailboxes on a common mailbox stand should be placed in number order with the lowest number first.

Mail recipient is responsible for providing good access to the mailbox with shovelling snow, sanding, clearing bushes, trash cans and more.

When setting up a new mailbox or common mailbox stand, we need a request from you where you want to place the box/boxes.

Want to move a mailbox? Fill in the form and submit.

The mailbox location is regulated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the Postal Services Act and the Regulations of mail.

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Placement regulations

  • In densely populated areas by port or driveway to property or up to 100 meters outside port driveway. Final placement within this distance frame and possible collection at common points is decided by Posten.
  • In scattered areas by port or driveway to property or up to 250 meters outside port/driveway. Final placement within this distance frame and possible collection at common points is decided by Posten.
  • In residential blocks and townhouses at communal entrance unless otherwise suitable for the mailman.


Physically disabled who can not reasonably be expected to have access to the delivery mailbox for permanent year-round residence, shall be given their mail closer than specified in the rules above, if other household members can not retrieve the mail.

Delivery mailbox must be placed at the front door of the house if required by the need.

You can use the mailbox movement form to apply for this. Posten may require documentation for the mobility impairment, including medical certificate.

When particularly scattered residents or businesses make delivery unreasonably costly, Posten may request owner of mailboxes to move the mailbox location further away than stated in the rules above.

Cabins and seasonal homes

If mailboxes are set up for cabins or seasonal homes, these must be placed at the nearest regular stop on the mailman route, unless otherwise agreed with Posten.

Labelling of your mailbox

Mail recipient shall label the mailbox with his name or other unique identification, for all who will receive mail in the mailbox.

Labelling is preferably placed on the front of the mailbox and not on the lid. Mailboxes that are placed with other mailboxes should also be labelled inside the lid.

If the mailbox is insufficiently labelled, mail may be sent in return to the sender.

Need a new sign for your mailbox?

At Postens sign shop you can choose between signs in many different materials and designs. You can also easily order a new sign and receive it directly in the mailbox.


What is a good mailbox?

A good mailbox can accommodate both newspapers and today's mail, and you may also want goods delivered directly to your mailbox. If the mailbox is too small to accommodate the shipment, the goods must be collected at your nearest Post Office or Post in Shop.

Mailboxes in different colours

If you have questions about the location of mailboxes, contact customer service.