Stamp programme 2019

Stamp programme 2019

4 January 2019

European Green Capital

The EU has named Oslo the European Green Capital for 2019, recognizing the city as one of Europe’s most ambitious and proactive cities.

4 January 2019


The Frozen Land. Queen Maud Land, which was annexed by Norway in 1939, is almost seven times larger than Norway – and constitutes one-sixth of the of the total area of Antarctica.

15 February 2019

50 Years as an Oil Nation

No one predicted in the 1950s that petroleum-based activities would become Norway’s largest commercial industry.

11 April 2019

Gustav Vigeland 150 Years

The 214 sculptures in the Frogner Park in Oslo have made Gustav Vigeland our most famous sculptor.

11 April 2019

Oslo Stock Exchange Bicentenary

Oslo Stock Exchange was founded because of the crushing pressure on the business sector.

11 April 2019

Norway’s National Bird

The white-throated dipper is Norway’s national bird, and there is no question that the bird’s ability to survive in a barren landscape represents something typically Norwegian. 

8 June 2019

Olsenbanden 50th Anniversary

A cinema success. The stories about Egon Olsen and the frustrated policeman Hermansen has captured the imagination of the entire Norwegian audience for 50 years.

14 June 2019

2019 World Orienteering Championship

With the tag line “Run for fun”, the World Orienteering Championships will be held for the fourth time on Norwegian soil.

14 June 2019

Harald Sohlberg 150 Years

Harald Sohlberg is considered one of our most well-known painters. He was relatively productive, but he often created different versions of the same motif.

23 August 2019

Norwegian bicycles

A love for bicycles.

23 August 2019

Nordia 2019

2,000 stamps! Norway issued its first stamp on 1 January 1855.

5 October 2019


Did you know that pets can help lower a person’s blood pressure and pulse? And that dog-lovers and cat-lovers have different personality traits?

8 November 2019

Queen Maud 150th Anniversary

Queen Maud’s status as a British princess undoubtedly factored into Parliament’s decision to offer Prince Carl the Norwegian throne in 1905. 

8 November 2019

Christmas Stamps

Norwegian Broadcaster NRK first began to air Advent calendar series in 1979 as a pre-Christmas program for children.