Issue 17 April 2020: Orca

Largest in the dolphin family

Nature photographer Audun Rikardsen has published a book on whales – and takes the reader on a journey into the world of whales. He follows them closely 24 hours a day and in all weather conditions. 


Readers learn about all of the "winter whales" and the latest findings from whale research. The killer whale is one of the main characters in the book and belongs to the top of the ocean's food chain.
Most killer whales are found in Antarctica, but there are also around 3,000 in the Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea. 

Killer whales are social animals that travel in pods and live in polygamous relationships: The male mates with multiple females. A pod can consist of anywhere between 4 and 40 whales and can stay together for several generations. 

Killer whales are known for their intelligence, which is particularly evident in the way they communicate.




  • 17.04.2020
  • NK 2028
  • Motif: Killer whale (Orcinus orca)
  • Design: Camilla Kvien Jensen
  • Photo: Audun Rikardsen
  • Denomination: NOK 26 (Europa 20 grams)
  • Issued in: Booklet with 10 stamps
  • Print: Offset from Joh. Enschedé Security Print, The Netherlands