Terms for P.O.Box rental

1. Agreement parties and terms

The agreement concerning the rental of a PO box is concluded between the renter and Posten Norge AS.

The renter will receive two keys to the PO box when the agreement is concluded. Any extra keys must be provided by the renter himself.

Postal parcels addressed to the renter and any other users of the PO box, at the postal address of the PO box, must be delivered fully sorted to the PO box by the time indicated at the PO box.

Amendments to the agreement, such as a new invoice address and changes to PO box users, must be reported to the post office where the PO box is located or to the Posten Norge customer service team.

2. Change of address information

Renters who have a postbox at their home/visiting address in addition to a PO box will receive postal parcels to this address if the postal parcels are addressed to it.

If the renter would like all post to be delivered to the PO box, including post addressed to the home/visiting address, he/she must register the change of address from the home/visiting address to the PO box address. The change of address is reported on posten.no or at a post office. Renters that are companies can download a change of address form from bring.no.

In the case of a permanent change of address, post addressed to a home/visiting address will be redirected to the PO box address for up to 14 months, and the first two months of this service will be free. After the end of the redirection period ordered, post addressed to the home/visiting address will be returned to sender.

3. More information about PO box use

If the PO box is to be used by several people, this will be specified on the first page of the agreement. If a number of post recipients are to receive post to the same PO box, all users will have mutual access to all post in the PO box. Posten Norge accepts no liability for any abuse of this access.

4. Personal data

Posten's processing of personal data in connection with the delivery of the service is regulated by a separate privacy statement which you can find here. It provides you with information about how we process your personal information and your rights in that connection.

5. Price and payment terms

Posten Norge sets the price and payment terms for rental. Special prices are set for companies where there are several PO box users. Changes to prices will be announced giving at least 1 – one – month’s notice.

Rent will be billed annually in advance. Any rent paid will not be refunded when the agreement is terminated.

6. Termination of the agreement

The renter may terminate the agreement with 1 – one – month’s notice.

Posten Norge may terminate the agreement with 2 – two – months’ notice if the postal facility is discontinued or relocated in a manner that would mean changing the postal address of the PO box.

If the terms of the agreement are significantly breached or if the PO box is used for illegal purposes, the agreement may be terminated with immediate effect. Payment default will be deemed to be a significant breach of contract.

The agreement will be terminated on the death of the renter or the winding-up of the company.

Despite the termination deadlines above, the agreement will remain in force until the keys to the PO box are returned to Posten Norge. Lost keys must be replaced by the renter.

Post addressed to the PO box after termination of the agreement will be redirected to a new address if a change of address has been recorded, and in accordance with any agreement with regard to redirection. If there is no record of a change of address/agreement concerning redirection, the post will be returned to sender.


August 2021