Track your parcel

Follow your parcels with our track and trace service

How would you prefer to have your parcels delivered?

Do you want parcels delivered to your door or pick them up in a parcel locker? Or maybe we should leave them in the dog house? Here we give you some good tips on how to choose what suits you best.

Avoid returns – see our pick-up deadlines

The pick-up deadline is 7 days after the shipment has arrived at the recipient's pick-up location. If you need to collect the parcel a little later, you can easily and completely free of charge extend the pick-up deadline in the Posten app or on the tracking page.
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You pay this in customs and duties

Are you planning to shop online from abroad this autumn? We have collected the tips you should know to avoid your purchase becoming unnecessarily expensive.

Humanitarian aid and packages to Ukraine

Ukraine Post wants to normalize the postal service in order to rebuild the postal system. We are therefore re-introducing payment for parcels to Ukraine from 1 July 2023.

Here's how you can avoid online fraud

Online fraudsters are particularly active now that many people shop online. Here you get our best tips on how to avoid being scammed.