Delivery options for e-commerce

Get the goods delivered the way you want. Once you have shopped online, you can select how quickly you want the item and where you want the item delivered. All online stores can offer these delivery options:

1. Pick up at Posten

  • You can pick up the package yourself at Posten
  • You can track your package and get the status of your package
  • Electronic notification allows you to retrieve the package earlier
  • Climate-neutral delivery


Shipping time is usually 1–3 business days, depending on the distance. The package can be delivered all over the country, including Svalbard.

The package is supplied climate neutral. This means that Posten Norge undertakes to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the transport and, in addition, compensate for the remaining emissions.


You are notified that the package has arrived by SMS, e-mail or retrieve message in the mailbox.

If you are unable to pick up yourself, you can order home delivery from the link in the SMS, or as you trace the package. (But this only applies to packages ordered to your collection point.)

Redirection for packages on the road can not be ordered for:

  • Shipments you have chosen to pick up at a pickup point other than your usual one, or shipments to a parcel box.
  • Packages sent as Norgespakke™.
  • Shipments with customs, postal orders or temperature-sensitive content.

Redirects of packages from your pickup point can not be ordered for:

  • Mail items that are too large for the mailbox and must be picked up at Posten.
  • Packages ordered for the mailbox (Package in the mailbox), but which do not fit and must be picked up at Posten.
  • Packages sent as Norgespakke™.
  • Shipments you have chosen to pick up at a pickup point other than your usual one, or shipments to a parcel box.
  • Shipments with customs, postal orders or temperature-sensitive content.

Tracking by Posten app

The package can be tracked using the tracking number.
Download our Android and iOS tracking app.

Optional Post Office

You can also choose to pick up the consigment at another Post Office/Post in Store than your local.

Parcel box (pakkeboks)

You can also choose "Pakkeboks" as the delivery method when shopping in the online store. Download the Posten app and register with your phone number. You will be notified when the package is on its way and when it is ready to be picked up. To retrieve your package, use the app to easily open the slot. More about parcel boxes (pakkeboks) and where they are located.

2. In the mailbox

Delivery in the mailbox applies to goods weighing up to 5 kilograms.
The item is delivered to your mailbox as long as it fits.

If you shop a lot online, it is a good idea to buy a large mailbox.

From July 7, 2020, we switch to delivery of mail every other day. See more about what the changes entail for you.

Fixed delivery point at home

If the shipment does not fit in the mailbox, where do you want it? You can now have shipments that are too large for the mailbox delivered to a fixed location at home. Read more about fixed delivery point.

3. Home delivery

Home delivery to your door

When you shop online, you can choose Home Delivery/På døren.

The service is available throughout the country. You choose which day you want the package to be delivered to your doorstep; between 5pm and 9pm* in cities and towns. For the rest of the country, the delivery takes place between 8am and 5pm. You see when we are at your home on the order page.

It is anticipated increased demand for home delivery of packages in the affected municipalities who have gotten stricter corona measures and we extend therefore the time window for Home Delivery of three hours beginning at 15 to 22 all days a week (Monday–Friday).

For evening delivery, the driver calls 30–60 minutes before arrival (this will gradually be replaced by an SMS to the recipient when we roll out a new digital interface for the recipient).

* In high seasons we will have to extend or change time windows for the service due to high package volumes.

Order Home Delivery.

You can request that we leave the package if you are not home. You do this via the receipt.

Delivery In-Home

This services temporarily on hold caused by the pandemic situation.

In order to take advantage of the offer you must have a digital lock or a key locker with code.

All online stores that offer home delivery from Posten/Bring to private individuals have this offer. The shipment must be goods under 35 kg. If the online store does not offer home delivery, you can order delivery to your local pickup location, and then order home delivery from or Posten app when the package is on its way. More about home delivery inside the door.

Leave package outside your home

Now you don't have to wait at home. Order home delivery with Posten and we can deliver the package even if you are not home. Let us know while the package is on its way. More about leave package.

This is how it works:

  1. Choose home delivery in the online store.
  2. When you receive an SMS from Posten with expected delivery date, you will notify us that we can leave the package.
  3. In addition, you can write a message if the package is to be placed at a specific location near your door.
  4. You will receive an SMS when the package is delivered.
  5. Our drivers do not always have the keys to the front doors of apartment complexes and apartment buildings. The package is left at the front door unless otherwise stated.

4. Delivery the next day

When ordering the express option, the package is delivered to your door the day after ordering at 09:00 or 07:00. In smaller places, delivery time may be delayed up to 16:00. Express can be sent to most places in Norway. You can track your shipment using the tracking number.

Once you have ordered an express, you will be notified when the cargo is loaded on the car for delivery, by SMS and/or e-mail. If the shipment can not be delivered, it will be shipped to the local pickup point. You will also be notified via SMS, e-mail or retrieve a note in the mailbox.

Saturday deliveries

If the online store offers it, you can also get delivery on Saturdays between 10:00 and 16:00.