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Home Delivery

Fancy an errand less? Order home delivery.

You can get the package delivered to your door between 17.00 and 21.00, and you choose the day you want the package delivered.

Prices for Home Delivery 1. November 2018

  • Kr 55.– if ordered online before deadline – (by 24.00 the day we give you the notification that the package is on its way)
  • Kr 89.– when ordering on the web after deadline

Multiple packages from the same sender and sent in the same sending

  • Kr 42.– for each additional package

When the shipment is on the way you get an sms, and driver calls you 30–60 minutes before delivery.

Home delivery applies in most cities and larger towns:

Questions & answers

  • When ordering: what is a package number or shipping number?

    Shipment and sending number is on pickup note/message you have received in your mailbox or on your phone, and it is always accompanied with a barcode.

  • What can I order delivered home?

    You can order letters without cash on delivery, which are too large to fit in the mailbox, as well as packages without cash on delivery.

  • Can I have the shipment delivered to another address?

    No, it is not possible at the moment. The shipment can only be executed to the address to which it is addressed.

  • Why do I get the message that the package or letter can not be home delivered?

    There may be several reasons:

    If your shipment has a return date the next day it is not available for home delivery.

    The shipment can already be retrieved or returned.

    Your address is outside the area we provide the service.

  • Can I order several items home delivered simultaneously?

    You can order home delivery of multiple packages at the same time, if they belong to the same shipping. If they do not belong to the same consignment, you must perform a home delivery for each consignment.

  • Can I change or cancel home delivery?

    You can change your delivery date by making a new order on the same shipping/shipping number. This can be done no later than 24.00 on the day before the agreed delivery. You do not have to pay extra to change.
    If you wish to cancel your home delivery, call Customer Service on phone 22 03 00 00 by 18.00 the day before the agreed delivery time.
    Amounts charged for ordering your home delivery will be refunded to your account. The shipment will then go to your local hub. This may take up to a day extra depending on where your package is at the time of cancellation.

  • I was not at home on the agreed delivery day, what happens to my shipment?

    Your shipment returns to your local post office or Post in Store and can be picked up there. It will take a business day. If you want a new home delivery, you need to order again.