Home delivery

You choose where and when

When shopping online you can choose home delivery. This gives you more flexibility, among other things we can leave the package if you are not at home.

Leave the package outside your home

When you order home delivery with Posten in the online store, we can leave the package even if you are not home. You decide where to put it.

This is how it works:

  1. Choose home delivery in the online store.
  2. When you receive an SMS from Posten with expected delivery date, you will notify us that we can leave the package.
  3. In addition, you can write a message if the package is to be placed at a specific location near your door.
  4. You will receive an SMS when the package is delivered.
  5. Our drivers do not always have the keys to the front doors of apartment complexes and apartment buildings. The package is left at the front door unless otherwise stated.

Delivery In-Home

Delivery in-home is temporarily unavailable due to the Corona situation. This is to reduce the risk of infection. We apologize for the inconvenience and recommend ordering the package be left outside if it is suitable in your area.

Posten now offers delivery inside if you are not home to receive the package. In order to take advantage of the offer you must have a digital lock or a key locker with code. You use the Innenfor app to order delivery inside and communicate any door code if necessary with us.

All online stores that offer home delivery from Posten/Bring to private individuals have this offer. The consignment must be under 35 kg. If the online store does not offer home delivery, you can order delivery to your local pickup location, and then order home delivery when the package is underway - see package redirect below.

Package redirect

You can still have the package delivered to your door even if you have not ordered a home delivery (applies to packages ordered to a private address). You will receive a message from us while the package is underway, and you can choose to redirect the package by clicking the link in the message.

The service is available throughout the country. You choose which day you want the package to be delivered to your doorstep; between 5pm and 9pm* in cities and towns. For the rest of the country, the delivery takes place between 8am and 5pm. You see when we are at your home on the order page.

* In the high season from Black Week and the end of the year, we will have to extend the time window in the evening due to high package volumes.

You can request that we leave the package if you are not home. You do this via the receipt.

Prices for redirection:

  • NOK 57 when ordering the same day you receive a message.
  • NOK 42 for each additional package sent from the same sender.

When the shipment is on its way you will receive an SMS. 

Deliveries in your mailbox and at a fixed delivery point at home

Everything from letters and small packages can be delivered directly to your mailbox. The larger the mailbox you have, the more space you have. If the shipment is too large, you have two options:

1. You pick it up at Posten. If you have registered your mobile number, you will receive an SMS. If not, it will take up to three days for you to receive a pickup note in your mailbox. I want to register my mobile number for SMS.

2. You register your permanent location and we deliver your shipment there.

You can have your shipments delivered to your pillowcase, garage, stairs, storage room or other safe place. The only criterion is that the postman has access to the place and that the place is at ground level.

This is how it works:

  • Register now and choose your permanent location.
  • All shipments that should have been delivered to your mailbox, but are too large, will be delivered to the fixed location.
  • When the shipment is delivered, we charge the card you have provided with 15 kroner.

You can register everyone in the household together, and your card will be charged at all deliveries.

Delivery for all mail franked with stamps is 2–3 business days.

From July 7, 2020, we switch to delivery of mail every other day. See more about what the changes entail for you.

More about deliveries in you mailbox.

If you want more space for packages, you can buy a large mailbox. See our selection of mailboxes.

Locking and security

On many mailboxes it is possible to put on a lock to secure the mailbox. The postman can then only deliver narrow and thin letters, and all parcels must be picked up at Posten. The advantages and disadvantages of locking the mailbox must therefore be weighed against each other.

Reservation against unaddressed advertising

If you wish to reserve yourself against unaddressed advertising, you must mark the mailbox with "no thanks". It is not only Posten that delivers in the mailbox, so we cannot guarantee that other distributors respect the reservation. Read more about reservation against unaddressed advertising.