Norgespakke™ same day

Same day delivery in 5 major cities

We pick up and deliver the same day Monday–Friday; during the day, in the evening, or 2 hour express. Applies within these urban areas: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Kristiansand.

The service is for private individuals who want to send something urgent to get out. The most affordable option is within two time windows - daytime or evening, or delivery within 2 hours which is a bit more expensive.

  • You do not need to wrap what you are going to send.
  • You do not need an address label.
  • The courier picks up what you are sending at home, and delivers it to the recipient's door. (NOTE: we do not deliver to mailboxes/P.O.boxes)
  • Pay with Vipps or payment card.

Maximum dimensions

  • Maximum weight: 35 kg per delivery
  • Maximum dimensions: up to 120 cm long
  • Must be able to be handled by one person

Contents of the package

The package shall not contain anything that is illegal, dangerous, or otherwise inappropriate to carry, including, but not limited to:

  • Temperature sensitive goods
  • Chemicals, explosives, flammable goods, or replicas thereof
  • Live animals
  • Weapons, ammunition, or replicas thereof
  • Substances that are on the
  • Norwegian Medicines Agency's drug list, or other illegal substances
  • Alcohol and/or alcoholic foods/drinks

Our couriers have the right to inspect themselves, or call on others with relevant expertise; whether the goods are dangerous, if there is a suspicion of this.

Basket filled with goodies


Prices for Norgespakke™ same day

Pick-up and delivery times Price
Same day 11.00–15.00 199.–
Same day 17.00–21.00 199.–
2 hours express 269.–

Coverage areas for the service

Oslo Bergen Stavanger Kristiansand Trondheim
0001-1299 5177 4005-4085 4608 7000-7038
  5200-5220 4306-4307 4610–4618 7040-7056
  5260-5281 4309 4620–4626 7058-7069
  5300–5314 4312–4329 4628–4639 7071-7073
  5347–5363   4656–4658 7075-7082