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We recommend the Norgespakken when sending a package in Norway. Save time and money by paying online.

Norgespakken is traceable. For loss or damage, compensation is given for up to NOK 10,000.

You pay the freight upon delivery at Posten, or by pre-paying and printing the address label here. (In Norwegian only, but fairly easy to operate even so.)

This is how you do it:

  • Wrap what you need to send. If you do not have a box or gray paper, you can buy packaging at Posten.
  • Prepay online, print the address sheet, and attach the patch to the package.
  • Hand in the package at Posten..

You can also pay for this at Posten, but prepaying online is cheaper.

The delivery time is one to three business days, but on some stretches up to five. Delivery time is indicative.

Send the Christmas mail well in advance so that it reaches Christmas in time. In the period from 19.11. to 31.12.2019, the delivery time will increase by up to 2 days.

If you need to send a package to Svalbard, customs documents are required. Read more about how to do it.


Norgespakken prices:

Price depends on how heavy the package is and whether you pay online or at Posten.

Weight: Buy online: Buy at Posten:
0–10 kg 149.– 180.–
10–25 kg 268.– 305.–
25–35 kg 381.– 420.–
Unwrapped bicycle --- 1080.–
Handling fee* 129.– 129.–
Surcharge Svalbard 281.– 281.–

* Handling fee – see explanation in Q&A.

Pre-pay parcel to Svalbard

Norgespakken with COD

If you need secure payment for the package, choose Norgespakken COD.


Questions and answers

  • What is handling fee?

    • Parcels without outer wrapping
    • Parcels in roll shape
    • Parcels where one side exceeds 120 cm or two sides exceeds 60 cm
    • Parcels cannot be longer than 240 cm and length + circumference 360 cm

    A fixed cost applies per package: 129.-

  • What does it mean that Norgespakken can be compensated?

    For loss or damage, compensation is given for up to NOK 10,000.

    Posten is not liable for consequential damages, cf. Post's general terms of delivery, point 14.2. If you want insurance against consequential damages we refer to the service Express–Overnight, which has consequential damages as part of the product terms.

  • How big or small can Norgespakken be?

    Max weight: 35 kg

    Max: up to 240 cm long, and length + circumference can be up to 360 cm.
    For packages where one of the sides is over 120 cm or two of the sides is over 60 cm, an additional charge of 125.– for manual handling is calculated.

    Minimum: 23 x 13 x 1 cm

  • What happens if the receiver does not pick up the parcel?

    When packages are not claimed within the deadline, it is returned the sender, who pays the same postage as for an equivalent new package.

  • Why does it cost more to send to Svalbard?

    Svalbard is considered to be abroad when it comes to price and customs. Read more about prices and customs regulations in Svalbard.

  • Address labels purchased online and validity

    The pre-notification is stored for 3 months in our systems. The customer can use online address labels purchases within this time.