Terms for customs clearance for parcels to be sent abroad

Packages and letters with contents subject to customs duty to be sent out of Norway

For all consignments of goods/objects to be sent abroad, the sender (exporter) is responsible for ensuring that the necessary customs documentation accompanies the consignment. Documentation requirements include an accurate description of the contents of the consignment and details of the product value. The requirements also apply to gift consignments.

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For parcels and letters to be sent to a foreign county*, export customs clearance is included in the price you pay to send the consignment. The recipient may have to pay a charge for customs processing/customs clearance in the recipient country.

* For consignments to Svalbard, separate prices apply 

Consignments must be cleared when (reason):

  • The value of the contents exceeds NOK 5000
  • For temporary export, for example, when something is to be sent abroad to be repaired and will be returned after repair
  • When re-exporting, for example, something is to be returned to a foreign country following a refund claim
  • In order for Posten to be able to perform customs clearance in accordance with the Customs Regulations, it is a requirement that the necessary and correct customs documentation accompanies the consignment and that the sender's social security number (11 digits) is provided.

If Posten lacks the necessary documentation to carry out customs clearance or forward the consignment to the destination country, the consignment will be stored and the sender will be contacted. Posten draws attention to the fact that a charge may be due for obtaining missing customs documentation.

If Posten does not have the sender's social security number in its databases, the sender will be asked to provide this before the goods can be cleared through customs. If the sender's social security number is registered in one of Norway Post's databases, it will be encrypted and can later be used by Posten for services where such use is required.

Mistakes or incorrect customs documentation may cause delays.

It is the sender's responsibility to ensure that a consignment does not contain any goods which are prohibited and/or hazardous to send to or import into the recipient country.  Check the most important import rules for each country.

Data protection

Posten's processing of personal data in connection with the delivery of the service is regulated by a separate privacy statement. It provides you with information about how we process your personal information and your rights in that connection.

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