Terms for Norgespakke™ same day


The service is available to private individuals Monday to Friday. It is not permitted for companies to use this service, but it is permitted for private individuals to order both collection and delivery to / from office addresses.


There are no requirements for packaging or address labels, but we recommend proper packaging if you want to send valuable items.

Maximum dimensions

  • Maximum weight: 35 kg per shipment
  • Maximum dimensions: up to 120 cm long
  • Must be able to be handled by one person


In the event of damage or loss, Bring replaces the value of the package up to 1500.– kroner. If the package is damaged or disappears, the sender can be refunded item value up to 1500.– kroner. Bring is not responsible for consequential damages of late delivery.

The sender is responsible for ensuring that the general description, size and weight description correspond to reality. Bring and our couriers invoke the right not to accept the goods, without consideration, if the goods are not within our stated target requirements, do not fit, or for some other reason can not be transported.


It is the sender's responsibility to ensure that the package is located where it has been agreed that it will be located.

The sender bears the risk for the package, and its contents, until it is picked up by one of our couriers. Confirmation of retrieval is available in the tracking interface of the sender.


It is the recipient's responsibility to ensure that it is possible to deliver the package where agreed. The receiver may choose to leave delivered package outside the door and this needs to be selected in the recipient tracking interface.If nothing has been agreed, the courier will try to deliver to the person specified by the sender.

The recipient bears the risk of the package, and its contents, after it has been delivered to the agreed place by our courier. Confirmation of delivery is available in the tracking interface of the recipient.

Contents of the package

The package shall not contain anything that is illegal, dangerous, or otherwise inappropriate to carry, including, but not limited to:

  • Temperature sensitive goods
  • Chemicals, explosives, flammable goods, or replicas thereof
  • Live animals
  • Weapons, ammunition, or replicas thereof
  • Substances that are on the
  • Norwegian Medicines Agency's drug list, or other illegal substances
  • Alcohol and/or alcoholic foods/drinks

Our couriers have the right to inspect themselves, or call on others with relevant expertise; whether the goods are dangerous, if there is a suspicion of this.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal applies until the assignment has been awarded to one of our bids. Contact 22 66 61 00 as soon as possible to exercise your right of withdrawal. If the assignment has not been awarded a bid, a refund will occur as soon as possible.


Complaints must be made without undue delay. See Posten Bring General delivery terms. All complaints must contain purchase documentation including the value of lost/damaged goods, as well as the order receipt from the purchase of shipping.

Complaints are sent to ordre.oslo@bring.com. Bring invokes the right to reject the claim for compensation if there is good reason to believe that the shipping package did not contain what appears in the claim for compensation.

In other respects, Posten Bring general delivery terms apply to postal services.


The service is performed by Bring Courier & Express AS, org. no. 979 427 107. Contact us on 22 66 61 00 on behalf of Posten Bring AS, org. No. 984 661 185.

Customer service is available on 22 03 00 00, and at https://www.posten.no/kundeservice/kontakt-oss


August 2023 Name change from Posten Norge AS to Posten Bring AS

Valid from December 2020