Send from your own mailbox

Use regular or digital stamps

Put on a stamp, a digital stamp, or a return label, order a pickup and put it in the mailbox.

Send letters and small packages from your own mailbox. You can use digital stampsregular stamps or personalised stamps. As long as the shipment is stamped and fits in the mailbox, you can order pickup.

  1. Put the shipment in your mailbox. The postman picks up the shipment stated on your order. The shipment must be in the mailbox by 07:00 on the pick up day.
  2. When the mail is retrieved you will receive a text message.
  3. You can place as many mailings as you can fit in your mailbox.
  4. In order for us to know who you are and ensure we have the correct address, please log in before ordering.

Return mailings from your mailbox

If you have received a parcel in the mailbox and wish to return it, you can also return it from your mailbox. Read more and order pickup.

It is important to remember that not all packages can be returned through Posten. If you have a return label from another company, packages must be delivered where you collected them.

Change in postal delivery from July 7, 2020

From July 7, 2020, we switch to delivery and collection of mail in the mailbox every other day. See more about what the changes entail for you.

Question & answers about send from home

  • We ask for a login so that the postman is informed of which mailbox the shipment is located in.

  • Then you have to deliver the mail at Posten or in a delivery mailbox.

  • When you order a pickup, a message will be sent to the postman about the number of shipments to be picked up at your address. The postman only takes shipments that have a different address than yours.

    Tip: Put gladly an elastic band around the letters to be sent, if there are many.

  • No, unfortunately not now. They must be delivered to one of our shipping locations.

  • Yes, if you already have landpost service.

  • If you would like to complain, please fill out this form.

  • Yes, you get another chance. Use the link in the SMS you received.

  • No, unfortunately.

  • It is you who is responsible for the shipment while it is in your mailbox. When the shipment is picked up by us, it is Posten who is responsible until it is delivered to the recipient.