Terms for Norgespakke™ 0–35 kg

1. Liability

In case of damage or loss, Posten will replace the value of the package up to NOK. 10,000. Posten is not responsible for consequential damages.

2. Weight and dimensions

  • Max weight: 35 kg per shipment
  • Maximum dimensions: up to 240 cm long, and length + circumference up to 360 cm
  • Minimum dimensions: 23 x 13 x 1 cm

3. Pickup deadline

The pickup deadline is 3 weeks after the shipment has arrived at Posten. Extended pickup deadlines during Christmas and the summer holidays:

  • Christmas: shipments with pickup deadlines between 23 December and 31 December will be returned on 4 January in the New Year
  • Summer holidays: shipments with pickup deadlines between 15 July and 31 July will be returned on 1 August

4. Personal information

Posten's processing of personal data in connection with the delivery of the service is regulated by a separate privacy statement. It provides you with information about how we process your personal information and your rights in that connection.

5. Claims for compensation

Claims must be submitted without unnecessary delay. See Posten Norge’s general terms of delivery.


August 2021