Terms for registered letters

When you send a letter by registered post, you receive a receipt when you drop it off and the letter is delivered to the recipient when the recipient shows valid proof of identity. Delivery can take place on provision of a letter of authority from the recipient.


A registered letter cannot be addressed to two or more people with the exception of cases where these constitute a firm or team.


When you send a registered letter, delivery time in Norway is normally 3 business days by electronic notification to the recipient.

It will take 2 days extra if we can not notify the recipient electronically. If the recipient's mobile number or email address is registered upon submission, we can notify electronically. Registered letters are delivered when a notification card delivered to the recipient’s letterbox is shown. The recipient must sign and produce approved identification.

In Europe, it takes 3-5 business days to the country's border, while for the rest of the world it is up to 11 working days to the country's border.

The delivery time within individual countries will be added. And if the consignment is to be processed, it will take extra time.

Pickup deadline

The pickup deadline is 3 weeks after the shipment has arrived at Posten. Extended pickup deadlines during Christmas and the summer holidays:

  • Christmas: shipments with pickup deadlines between 23 December and 31 December will be returned on 4 January in the New Year
  • Summer holidays: shipments with pickup deadlines between 15 July and 31 July will be returned on 1 August

Posten Norge’s liability for damages

Posten Norge’s liability for damages is regulated under the Posten Norge Act §22 and Posten Norge’s general delivery terms, clauses 9-9.5. Liability for damages for registered letters is up to NOK 1000 per parcel.

Claims for compensation

Claims must be submitted without unnecessary delay. See Posten Norge’s general terms of delivery.