Terms for Fixed delivery point at home

1. Definition

Fixed delivery point (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) is a service whereby private recipients, as agreed with Posten Norge AS (hereinafter referred to as “Posten”), approve the delivery of consignments that are too large for postboxes (hereinafter referred to jointly as “consignments”) to themselves and selected members of their household, to an agreed location at the home (hereinafter referred to as a “fixed point”).

2. Contract

The party that has entered into the agreement with Posten will be referred to as the Administrator.

It is important to consider whether the permanent location is safe enough and that it is sheltered from the weather and wind. The Administrator assumes all responsibility for any loss of and damage to items addressed to those the Administrator has reported, if loss/damage occurs after Posten has delivered the item at the fixed location.

The recipient must enter into a written agreement concerning the Service. This can be done by registering here. Log-in with Bank ID is required to set up an agreement.

Payment for the Service delivered to the persons registered by the Administrator will be charged to the Administrator’s payment card, see clause [7].

The Administrator accepts all responsibility for any loss of and damage to consignments addressed to the persons registered by the Administrator, if the loss/damage occurs after Posten has delivered the consignment to the fixed point.

By entering into the agreement for the Service, the Administrator accepts Terms for Fixed delivery point – home, including the following:

  • Shipments addressed to recipients that are included in the agreement, and which should have been delivered in the recipient's mailbox, but do not get a place, will be delivered at your regular place.
  • Posten's notification to the recipient that the consignment has been delivered at a fixed location is equated with and replaces the recipient's receipt for the consignment received.
  • The Administrator assumes all responsibility for any damage to or loss of items that occurs after Posten has delivered at a fixed location.
  • Posten can legally and without hindrance deliver shipments at your regular location.
  • The distance from the mailbox to the fixed location must not be more than 250 m.
  • Posten deducts payment per shipment from a registered bank card after the shipment has been delivered to a fixed location.
  • Posten sends information about the Service and shipments covered by the Service on the recipient's mobile number and/or e-mail.

The established agreement will enter into force no later than one business day after registration.

3. Delivery point and time

Fixed location must be close to the recipient's home/mailbox and easily accessible to Posten's employees (postman and driver). Easily accessible means that the agreed, fixed place can not be within a locked door/gate that Posten's employees do not have a key to, snow must be shoveled etc.

The agreed place is specified and detailed in more detail as part of the conclusion of the agreement. The description must be of such a nature that it is easy to find the place. The description will be available to all Posten's couriers and drivers.

Delivery will normally take place between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (business days). 

4. Notification

When a consignment has been delivered to the fixed point, Posten will send a text message and/or e-mail to the recipient indicating that the consignment has been delivered. The notification will be sent to the addressee stated on the parcel.

5. Consignments covered by the Service

The Service includes the following broadcasts:

  • Addressed letter mail items that do not fit in the recipient's mailbox.

Consignments that are covered by the Service, but which cannot be delivered at the fixed delivery point (eg because the consignment is too large or the fixed place is not available), will be delivered at the recipient's post office/Post in Store. In such cases, the Administrator shall not pay for the Service, see section 7.

6. Consignments that are not covered by the Service

  • Consignments where the sender requires the recipient's signature and presentation of valid identification and/or payment upon delivery.
  • Shipments where another additional service has been selected for delivery, such as Bag on the door.

The Service does not include consignments distributed by anyone other than Posten.

Shipments that are not covered by the Service will continue to be delivered at the recipient's pick-up point (Post in Store, post office, business center, etc.).

7. Price and payment

The Administrator will pay only for the consignments delivered to the fixed point. The price per consignment can be found in the applicable price list.

The Administrator will enter card details when the agreement is entered into. Payment per consignment delivered to a fixed point will be charged to the card after each delivery. If the card is invalid/has expired, the delivery agreement will be stopped temporarily (paused) until the Administrator updates the payment details. The Administrator will be notified that the payment card will soon expire/has expired, and can change this here.

8. Changes to terms and conditions

Posten may change the price and other terms and conditions for provision of the Service. The changes will enter into force one month after Posten has sent an email to the Administrator about the changes. The recipient may terminate the agreement at any time, see clause [9].

See our currently applicable terms and conditions.

9. Changes to the agreement and termination 

The agreement concerning a fixed delivery point may be paused or cancelled when so required by the recipient. The Administrator may pause or cancel the agreement for one or several members of the agreement. Other members may only administrate the agreement for themselves. If the Administrator cancels the agreement, this will apply to the entire household.

On any notification of a permanent change of address, the agreement will be terminated automatically. On any temporary change of address, members of the agreement must themselves pause the agreement.

Only the Administrator may change the fixed delivery point.

Changes to the agreement must be made online.

Posten is entitled to terminate and cancel the agreement if Posten cannot deliver a consignment to a fixed delivery point and/or if the distance to the fixed delivery point is an unreasonably long way away from a regular postbox. Posten may also terminate the agreement in the event of breach, etc.

Posten also reserves the right to terminate and cancel an agreement that has been paused for more than one year, and/or an agreement that has not been used during the past year.

Any pausing and termination of the agreement will enter into force no later than one business day after registration.

10. Compensation liabilities

Posten is not liable to pay compensation for unregistered consignments by post. For other consignments, Posten is liable for the consignment up to the time of delivery. The consignment has been delivered to the recipient when it has been delivered to the fixed point. See also our general terms of delivery.

11. Claims for compensation

Claims must be submitted within a reasonable time.

12. Cooling-off period

The Administrator has a cooling-off period. The deadline for the cooling-off period is 14 days from the date on which the agreement is entered into. You can fill in this form if you wish to exercise your rights during the cooling-off period for the agreement.

13. Privacy

Posten's processing of personal data in connection with the delivery of the Service is regulated by a separate privacy statement. It provides you with information about how we process your personal information and your rights in that connection.

14. Contact details for claims and other enquiries

Telephone number for enquiries from private individuals (Posten): (+47) 22 03 00 00

Chat with us at posten.no

Contact details for Posten Norge AS are as follows:
Company name: Posten Norge AS
Mailing address: P.O.Box 1500 Sentrum NO-0001 OSLO
Telephone: + 47 23 14 90 00
URL: https://www.postennorge.no