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Are you sending a letter abroad?

Pay postage and fill out the customs papers at the same time. Save time and money by doing this online.

Common letters and postcards

If you want to send something without value, such as a Christmas card or a letter, no customs documents are needed. Find the price for the letter below and buy postage at Posten.

Gifts, goods and documents of value

All letters with some value sent abroad must have documentation of the contents - this is called customs declaration. Use the calculator below.

Here's how:

  1. Pack well what you need to send.
  2. Use the calculator below and fill out the customs document, address card and pay for the shipping.
  3. Print the documents and remember to sign them. Cut out the address card.
  4. Attach the address card well to the letter. You can attach it around the shipment, but the address and barcode must be clearly visible.


Find price and fill out customs documents



kr. 25.-

NOTE: If the length or width of the letter exceeds 35.3 x 25 cm, it is priced as over 7 cm thick.

Secure delivery - registered letter

Registered letter is the solution that gives you proof of filing and delivery. This is handy if you are sending something valuable.

Prohibited content and restrictions

You are solely responsible for what you send is not prohibited to send to that country.

Here is a overview of what is allowed to ship to each country.

Customs regulations and  clearance costs

All shipments sent out of Norway must be customs cleared. The customs authority, both in Norway and in the recipient countries, requires that various customs documentation are attached to your shipment. If information is missing or if the documents are incomplete, the shipment may be delayed. As the sender, you are responsible for adding the correct information about your shipment.

Essentially, all consignments containing more than one regular letter must be processed in customs. And in some cases your shipment must be cleared. The customs clearance cost of NOK 341 will be invoiced afterwards for the following types of shipments:

  • Shipments in a value in excess of 5000.– kroner.
  • Shipments to be returned.
  • Shipments sent temporarily out of Norway. For example, goods for repair.