Terms for Norgespakke™ 0–5 kg

This is a service provided by Posten Norge AS (Posten). These terms apply in addition to General Terms and Conditions of Delivery for Postal Services.

In case of damage or loss, Posten will replace the value of the package up to 10,000 kroner. Posten is not responsible for consequential damages.

1. Weight and dimensions

Maximum weight: 5 kg per shipment
Maximum dimensions: up to 35 cm long, 25 cm wide and 12 cm thick
Shipments beyond the maximum weight and size will be converted into the Norgespakke™ 0–35 kg. Then the price difference and a surcharge will be charged by you. See more about missing postage.

2. Minimum measures

The package can not be smaller than 9 x 14 cm.

3. Destination and marking

Norgespakke™ 0–5 kg can only be sent domestically. You buy shipping on posten.no or in the Posten app, and receive a code. The code is valid for 7 days. The code must be applied in the middle of the front of the shipment. See example here:

norgespakke sending code
Where to write the sending code

It is recommended that the sender address is written on the back of the shipment. You do not need to write the recipient's name and address on the shipment.

4. Pick-up and drop-off

You can order pick-up from your mailbox if the shipment fits and Posten has access to the mailbox. The shipment can also be delivered to one of Posten1s drop-off points.

5. Delivery

The shipments are delivered in the recipient's mailbox if it fits. Shipments are delivered 2–5 days after they have been picked up from the mailbox or delivered to one of Posten's drop-off points.

6. Notices to sender and recipient

The sender of the shipment will receive messages when the shipment is picked up in the mailbox and when it is sorted at the terminal. If the recipient's telephone number is stated, the recipient will be notified when the shipment has been delivered. If there are shipments to the mailbox, no notice is given of when the shipment has been placed in the mailbox.

7. Pick-up at Post Office and Post in Shop

If the recipient's mailbox is locked, if the package does not fit, or for other reasons it is not possible to deliver the package in the mailbox, and the recipient does not have an agreement on a fixed place of delivery, the package is delivered to the recipient's Post in Shop/Post Office. The recipient receives notification by SMS/e-mail/pick-up notification that the package can be picked up at Posten.

The pick-up deadline is 2 weeks after the shipment has arrived at the recipient's collection point. If the package is not picked up by the recipient within the deadline, the shipment will be sent in return to the sender.

In connection with Christmas and the summer holidays, the pick-up deadline is extended:

  • Christmas: Shipments with a pick-up deadline in the period 23 December to 31 December will be returned on 4 January in the new year.
  • Summer holidays: Shipments with a pick-up deadline in the period 15 July to 31 July will be returned on 1 August.

8. Contents and packaging

The parcels must have content that is permitted to be sent by Posten. See current regulations for dangerous goods. It is the sender's responsibility that the content of the shipment is in accordance with the regulations in force at any given time. For certain product types, certain restrictions apply that the sender is obliged to familiarize himself with. Posten is not responsible for the contents of the shipment.

It is the sender's responsibility that the content of the shipment is properly wrapped. The packaging must fit tightly around the contents so that it is stable.

9. Liability

In the event of damage or loss, Posten replaces the value of the consignment up to 2,500 kroner. It is the sender who must make a claim for compensation and document the value of the shipment.

Posten is not responsible for consequential damages. Damage due to damage to the mailbox or loss due to theft from the mailbox is not covered by the compensation.

The shipment is considered to have been received by Posten when Posten has sent the sender a notice that it has been picked up or that it has been delivered to one of Posten's drop-off points. The shipment is considered to have been delivered when it has been placed in the recipient's mailbox/at the fixed place of delivery or delivered at the recipient's pick-up point.

10. Processing of personal data

Posten's processing of personal data in connection with the delivery of the service is regulated by a separate privacy statement which you can find here. It provides you with information about how we process your personal information and your rights in that connection.

11. Right of withdrawal

If you are a consumer, you can regret the purchase within 14 days from the time of purchase. Fill out this form and select "Complaint and complaint".

12. Complaints

Complaints must be made within a reasonable time. See Posten Norge’s general terms of delivery.


August 2021