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Pickup deadlines

Keep in mind that your shipments must be collected within pickup deadlines.

After your shipment has arrived at the post office or Post in Store, you have 2 weeks to collect it; or find the exceptions below.

The exceptions are: 

These shipments have 3 weeks pickup deadline: 

  • Letters too big for the mailbox (domestic and from abroad)
  • Registered letters (domestic and from abroad)
  • Valued letters from abroad
  • Norgespakken
  • Norgespakken cash on delivery

In July – shipments with a deadline of 15 July to 31 July will be returned on 1 August.
In December – shipments with a deadline of 23 December to 31 December will be returned 3rd day after the new year.

However, some senders have agreed on a 14-day pickup date throughout the year.

Shipments from abroad, which is stopped in customs clearance due to lack of customs documentation, has a feedback deadline of 14 days before shipments are returned to the sender.

You can upload and send missing customs documentation here.