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P.O.Box rental

Safe storage and early delivery.

With our rental mailbox, you get the mailbox at your nearest post office.

The mailbox may be used by the entire household and you can retrieve the mail when it suits you within the opening hours of the post office.

When renting a new, an entry fee of NOK 410 is paid. Both the price of the rental and the entry fee are paid in advance.

You can order a by filling in a single appointment form. Deliver the form at the post office where you wish to rent the Remember to bring your ID!

Once the agreement is signed you will be given your new address.

Practical information

Mail is delivered to the time that is stated on the notice at the mailbox facility.
You as a tenant will be given two keys.
The mailbox can be used by all persons in your household.
The tenant must provide a change of address to the new P.O.Box address.
You can cancel your rental at any time with one month's notice.


Question & Answers

  • Where can I find information about delivery times?

    Search the appropriate post office and find delivery times..

    You can also contact your nearest post office or call customer service at 22 03 00 00.

  • Where can I find out if my post office has vacancy mailboxes?

    Contact your post office or call customer service at 22 03 00 00.

  • I want to terminate the lease, how do I proceed?

    You do this by contacting the post office where you have rented the, signing a termination, returning the keys, and reporting change of address.