Terms for Relocation Assistance – "Flyttehjelpen"

Posten Norge AS sends automatic change of address notification showing my old address and my new address, along with any other information I entered in the pages, to the contacts I have listed. Personal identification number is submitted to recipients who are able to use this in accordance with the Personal Data Act § 12.

Name, address, postcode and city are transferred from my registration in the Posten Norge redirection service to Relocation Assistance. I am also asked to provide an email address and/or a phone number, unless this has been supplied to the redirection service.

Relocation Assistance passes on my name, phone number, address and email address to the providers I have selected, and Relocation Assistance specifically states that providers may follow me up. They can phone me and/or send me email or post just to follow up the Norway Post Relocation Assistance service.

Relocation Assistance can send me email on behalf of providers I have selected.

The Posten Norge Preference Base is a register where advertising preferences are recorded. Relocation Assistance is part of this base, and the information is also recorded in the Posten Norge Preference  Base when I register with Relocation Assistance.

I will receive information and offers via the Posten Norge Preference Base by email or post, in addition to Relocation Assistance offers selected. I can unsubscribe from this service at any time.