Terms for mailbox signs and door signs

The Posten Skiltbutikken (Sign Store) is part of the Posten Relocation Assistance service, which is run by Bas Kommunikasjon AS.

If you want to contact us, please send an email to skiltbutikken@bas.no.

Posten Skiltbutikken purchases are regulated by the sales terms and conditions below and are deemed to be consumer purchases in accordance with Norwegian law.

The sales terms and conditions are specifications of the legal rights and obligations of the buyer and seller in accordance with current laws.

Agreement parties and contact information:

Name of seller: Posten Skiltbutikken, c/o Bas Kommunikasjon AS
Co. reg. no.: 982607043 MVA
Address: Youngstorget 3, 0181 Oslo
Telephone: 22541600

The buyer is the party that places the order.


The consignment ordered is specified on the product and ordering pages and in the order confirmation received and approved by the buyer after placing an order at the Posten Skiltbutikken. The signs are delivered by post and with the necessary fastenings to allow them to be attached to timber walls, universal plugs for masonry and concrete, spacers, screws and Velcro fasteners.

Prices and payment

The prices specified at the Posten Skiltbutikken our total prices, including VAT and transport in Norway. The amount is deducted from the buyer’s account when the outstanding charge is settled at the online terminal. Production of the signs can then begin. If the purchaser exercises their right to cancel the purchase, costs linked with the work carried out and materials used will be deducted from the amount paid. Cf. the Norwegian Right of Cancellation Act, § 16.

Order confirmation

Order confirmation is sent to the buyer electronically and immediately after placing the order and includes details on what has been ordered.

Delivery, delivery time and examination of the consignment

If the signs have to be delivered by a method other than standard post, the buyer will be notified of this before making a payment. The signs will normally be delivered within 8 to 10 days, but this may take longer depending on public holidays, holiday periods, etc. Circumstances may also arise relating to subcontractors or other issues beyond our control – cf. general consumer regulations – which will delay delivery. In the event of any delays, the buyer will be notified as soon as possible once the seller has been made aware of the circumstances. Upon delivery, the buyer must examine the signs as soon as possible to ensure that they are compliant with the order and have not been damaged in transit. In the event of errors or damage, the signs must be returned as soon as possible, along with their packaging and a Norway Post claim report. This is available from your nearest post office. See the section entitled “Complaints, delays and guarantees” in the event of other defects.


The risk is transferred from the seller to the buyer when the delivery is received. The signs are deemed to have been received when they have been delivered to the buyer or the buyer’s postal address.

Liability for typing errors, sign content, etc.

The preview of the signs when ordering from the Posten Skiltbutikken is a best possible display of the signs, given the technical options available. The signs supplied may vary slightly from what is displayed to the buyer on purchasing. This will mainly be dependent on the buyer’s monitor and browser properties. However, the most important properties will be explained clearly and compliant with what is displayed to the buyer.

When the buyer confirms that the signs are designed correctly and have the correct content in the Posten Skiltbutikken, the signs will be produced in accordance with this. The signs cannot be amended by us when payment has been made.

We only guarantee orders created using Norwegian character sets. Errors may occur if the order is placed using other character sets.

Any obviously offensive or discriminatory texts on signs will not be produced.

Complaints, delays and guarantees

If there is any problem with the signs in the accordance with the regulations of the Consumer Purchase Act and the buyer wishes to make a claim as a result of the problem, the deadline for notification is two months after discovery of the defect by the buyer; cf. the Consumer Purchase Act, § 27. The warranty period is 5 years from receipt of the signs by the buyer.

In the event of a complaint, the seller may suggest a price reduction or without delay demand rectification of the defect or delivery of a new sign (redelivery) within a reasonable time. This is undertaken at no additional cost, significant risk or inconvenience to the buyer. The seller is entitled to two attempts to rectify the situation or redeliver. The buyer may demand a price reduction or cancellation if the seller is unsuccessful in this.

Missing fasteners, visible scratches, large air bubbles in paint and acrylic, etc. are deemed to be defects justifying complaints. Complaints cannot be submitted in the event of insignificant defects.

The Posten Skiltbutikken will do its best to supply signs that are of good quality, but there may be small cosmetic faults that are deemed to be insignificant and do not justify complaints. If the signs are positioned in locations where they are exposed to the elements or are otherwise subject to abnormal wear and tear, the paintwork may become worn before the end of the warranty period. It must also be noted that the surface of the signs will change over time, depending on the surroundings. This does not constitute a significant defect.

The seller is obliged to notify the customer as soon as possible in the event of delays. The customer may request cancellation of the purchase in the event of significant delays or after a reasonable additional period. The buyer cannot cancel the agreement during the additional period, as long as the seller is able to supply the goods before the end of this period.

Money-back guarantee

The buyer may change their mind about buying, pursuant to the provisions of the Norwegian Right of Cancellation Act. This means that the buyer can return the signs within 14 days of delivery or if the buyer has received in writing all information necessary for compliance with the money-back guarantee; cf. the Norwegian Right of Cancellation Act, § 11. A money-back form must be submitted to the customer either together with the signs or in the information sent following the order, either by post or by email.

The notification concerning the money-back guarantee must be in writing and include information on how the signs are to be returned. The signs and fastenings must be returned within a reasonable time and in more or less the same condition as that in which they were supplied.

Ordering the signs is deemed to be a manufacturing purchase. By consenting to the terms and conditions of sale and making the payment, the buyer consents to allow production of the signs to commence and agrees that any costs linked with work carried out and materials used will be covered by the buyer if the money-back guarantee is exercised; cf. the Norwegian Right of Cancellation Act, § 16.

The seller is obliged to refund the sales amount minus costs for work carried out and materials used within 14 days of the seller receiving the signs or a collection slip for signs returned by the customer.

Personal information

The Posten Skiltbutikken operates in compliance with the Posten Norge Privacy Policy. We only process information that is necessary for implementing and documenting the transaction in accordance with current legislation.

Priority of legislation

These terms and conditions of sale cannot limit the buyer’s mandatory statutory rights and the seller’s mandatory obligations in accordance with current legislation.

Conflict resolution

Attempts must be made to resolve conflicts amicably through direct contact between the buyer and the seller. The buyer can contact the Consumer Council of Norway for any assistance in disputes with the seller.

If the buyer and seller are unable to come up with an amicable solution themselves, the Consumer Council of Norway can be involved. Both parties can ask the Consumer Council of Norway to escalate the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Commission, which is legally enforceable. The parties may then bring the case to the District Court within 4 weeks of action at the Consumer Disputes Commission.