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Welcome to our customer service. Here you can find the most frequently asked questions. 
Give us a call or chat with us if you are not able to find what you are looking for.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I find which pick up location belongs to my address?

    In our Address Search, you can find which pick up point is associated with your address. In the search we will list all the addresses including house number and associated postal code. If you hold the cursor over the address you will see the pick up location (for packages and large consignments).

  • Where do I find deadlines for submission and nearest mailbox?

    You will find submission deadlines for each post office, Post in Store and mail box by searching the unit in our map solution. Here you will also find deadlines for handing in mail, opening hours and our services.

  • What is the pick up deadline for shipments at Posten?

    The deadline to collect packages and other items at the post offices is 14 days. If you do not pick up the delivery within 14 days, the shipment will be returned to the sender.
    We will send out two notifications. Pick up notification at arrival and a reminder. For many of our shipments you will be notified by SMS, email or in Digipost. If sender has selected multiple notifications, you may receive more notifications along the way.
    In connection with the Christmas holidays, we take into account the holiday and give the shipment a few extra days.

    Sender owns the shipment until it is delivered and is entitled to return it if it is not retrieved within 14 days. Posten also need the space for other packages and letters that arrive continously. </ P>

    Poste Restante: The deadline for mail is 3 weeks. Shipments that have a retrieval message follow the usual pick up deadline, such as packages and registered letters.

  • Do I need to report a change the Norwegian Tax Administration when I have notified a new address to the Posten?

    Yes, you must report to the Norwegian Tax Administration yourself. When you notify Posten about your address/new address, it is to ensure that your mail is sent to your new address for the period you wish and that we will find you at the given address when the mail with your name and (new) address will be delivered.

  • Do I need to submit an application to Posten to set up a new mailbox or move the one I have?

    Yes. It's important that we receive a request from you where you want to set up a box or want to move the one you have. You will receive an approval when the location is approved. As there are more considerations to take in terms of placement, Posten will in some cases assign a different placement than desired.

  • I have received an invoice for a shipping charge. What does that mean?

    We carry weight and freight checks on shipments that are delivered to Posten. Where it is paid too little by weight and size, we will send out an invoice for missing amount as well as a fee. In most cases, the bill will go to the sender. In some cases, where the sender is not specified on the consignment, the bill will go to the recipient.

  • What rules apply when I receive a shipment from abroad?

    All shipments from abroad and which may have dutiable content will be customs-approved/customs-assessed.

    Private gifts with a value up to 1000.– kroner are usually free of charge, provided they do not contain, for example, alcohol and tobacco products.

    For all other imports where the value is 350.– kroner (including shipping and insurance) or more, you usually have to pay VAT (possibly other charges) to the state. Posten will declare the consignment for you against a payment of the customs clearance.

    Please note that there are very strict rules for private imports of medicines.

  • I miss a letter.

    A regular letter has no tracking points. If the letter has not arrived within the expected time, there may be several reasons:

    • There may be incorrect or incomplete address.
    • There may have been delays in transportation or distribution.
    • The letter may be misdirected or returned.
    • Another distributor may be used.

    We therefore recommend that you give the letter a little extra time and possibly contact the sender to investigate which distributor they have used.

Operations messages

Delays in the delivery of parcels and goods to Narvik, Tromsø and Alta week 39
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Complaint and claim for damages

  • How can I submit complaints and claim for damages?

    You can make your complaint both verbally and in writing.
    If you choose to submit a written complaint, you can use this complaint form. You can also submit a written complaint to the post office, Post in Store or the country mailman. If you contact Customer service on telephone 22 03 00 00 we can guide you with the layout of your complaint, provide information and if possible give you a decision on your complaint the same day.

    If you want to send us a complaint by mail the mailing address is:
    Posten and Bring customer service
    Kjøita 19
    4630 Kristiansand

    Upon request of missing mail or damage to letters, parcels or goods, it is usually the sender who should submit the complaint.

  • What is the processing time?

    By oral inquiry, we may provide you with a response and resolve your complaint the same day.
    Written complaints will generally be settled within 14 business days and no later than 30 days.
    Under certain circumstances, if we need more time, we will inform you through a preliminary response.

  • Can I appeal?

    In the justification you receive, the rules and guidelines that are based on the assessments we have made in your complaint should be stated. If you do not agree, you may request a new consideration of your complaint.

  • What does Force Majeure mean?

    Force majeure are unforeseen events that can not be deferred. These are for example: fire, outbreak of war, natural disasters, strikes, landslides and weather hampering the fulfillment of a contractual obligation.
    For example, letters, parcels and goods that will be delayed due to races, storms or closed roads may come under force majeure.

  • General terms of Delivery

Track and trace

  • Can I track all shipments?

    If you have a shipment or parcel number you can track your shipment. Usually you get a tracking number from the supplier/sender by a text message or e-mail.

    Our parcels can be tracked in Norway and in most of the European countries. That also includes parcels from abroad. You can trace shipments all the way until delivery.

    Registered letter:
    Tracing within Norway from handing in until delivery. If the shipment is ovesent abroad, you can follow the shipment from submission until it leaves Norway. The shipment is still transported and is sent to the address.

    Parcel in mailbox:
    The shipment can be followed and tracked from submission to delivery in the mailbox.

    Prime Exprès from abroad to addresses in Norway:
    On arrival in Norway, we attach a unique tracking chip to the shipment. All further tracking information happens automatically. The shipment will automatically be delivered to the mailbox.

  • When do I receive my shipment?

    From the tracking solution you can see if you shipment is handed in, is on its way, arrived or handed out. When the shipment is in between terminals there is no update in the tracking.
    There is different delivery times on our shipments.
    1: Express Overnight: Shipping time for most places is 1 business day. These packages are sent by air over longer distances.
    2: Business package and On the Door use 1–4 business days depending on the distance.
    3: Norgespakken and Servicepakken usually use 2–5 business days depending on the distance.

    In case of delays on some routes, notifications are sent to the recipients for some types of shipment products. If you do not receive such notification, you can find notified delays on this page.

  • Where can I pick up my shipment?

    Packages are available at your local pick-up point. Your pick-up point is determined by your address.
    Retrieve message or the tracking solution will usually indicate whick pick-up to use. Find your pick-up point by using our address search (link).
    Our terminals sorts and reload shipments and are not pick-up points.

  • Why is my tracking not updated?

    Last status in tracking is the last registered. Between our terminals there is no update in the tracking solution. Some distances takes 1–4 days depending on the transport method.

    When your shipment has arrived at the terminal, it is normally forwarded to the pick-up point the same day or it is available at your pick-up point the day after. Way of delivery depends on type of shipment and transport method.

  • Why has my shipments been stopped for customs evaluation?

    All letters containing more than just correspondence and all parcels coming from abroad or been shipping abroad, are going through customs clearance. If last status is "Importvurdering" the shipment is undergoing customs evaluations. If all adequate customs paperwork is available with the shipment, the shipment is forwarded to you as soon as the custms clearanceis done.

    If your package or letter does not have adequate customs paperwork, lack of information on the content and amount or Customs requires customs authority – you will be contacted by SMS or letter about what is missing.

    You get a new notification when shipment is at your pickup place.

    If you wish to declare shipments yourself, you can do this at the Customs Office in Tollbugata 1A or at Gardermoen Customs Office in Edvard Grieg Road. You can still declare individual shipments yourself at