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Stamp programme

We offer a diverse stamp programme in 2021 . For earlier years issues, please have find them in the link list at the bottom of the page.

Follow the links to get more details about each issue.

Stamp programme 2021

19 February 2021

Theme: Peter I Island
Artist/Designer: Magnus Rakeng

19 February 2021

Theme: City Anniversaries
Artist/Designer: Jørn O. Jøntvedt

23 April 2021

Theme: Endangered National Wildlife
Artist/Designer: Camilla Kvien Jensen

23 April 2021

Theme: Dovre Railway Line Centenary
Artist/Designer: Trond Bredesen

11 June 2021

Theme: Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers 150th Anniversary
Artist/Designer: Kristin Slotterøy

11 June 2021

Theme: Domesticated Animals
Artist/Designer: Cecilie Sørgård

2 October 2021

Theme: Research, Innovation, Technology
Artist/Designer: Enzo Finger

2 October 2021

Theme: Mopeds and Motorcycles
Artist/Designer: Erland Dilling

5 November 2021

Theme: Flag of Norway Bicentenary
Artist/Designer: Camilla Kvien Jensen

5 November 2021

Theme: Christmas Stamps
Artist/Designer: Lisa Aisato