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Send packages overseas

With Carryon Cash you can send parcels up to 20 kilograms.

For packages overseas you can send up to 20 kilograms. The package can be shipped to the whole world, but tracking is limited to most countries in Europe and North America. Address cards with customs invoice can be purchased at our delivery points.

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Explanation of the price calculator:

Europe, exclusive Faroe Islands and Greenland: basic price 331.– kroner, and 24.– kroner per extra kilo.
Rest of the world, inclusive Faroe Islands and Greenland: basic price 332.– kroner, and 58.– kroner per extra kilo.

Price various additionals (per parcel):
Handling fee*: 125.– kroner
Parcels from Svalbard: 281.– kroner
Return: Same price as for corresponding new parcel.

* Handling fee is:

  • parcels with length over 120 cm, width over 60 cm and/or height over 60 cm
  • parcels without outer packaging
  • parcels in role shape

Package measurement can be up to 150 cm long, and length + circumference must not exceed 3 meters.
The minimum dimensions are 23 x 13 x 1 cm.

Forbidden content and restrictions

The package must not contain weapon, ammunition, live animals, relics, tobacco products, dangerous or valuable content such as gold, silver, precious stones, coins, banknotes or securities.

The content must not exceed a value of 100,000.– kroner per parcel.

Some countries have lower maximum dimensions and –weight and the countries might have different regulations concerning what is allowed to ship. 

For more information about special regulations for each country (in Norwegian only).

Export customs information

All packages sent out of Norway must be customs cleared. The customs authority, both in Norway and in the recipient countries, requires that various customs documentation are attached to your shipment. If information is missing or if the documents are incomplete, the shipment may be delayed.

As the sender, you are responsible for adding the correct information about your shipment. It is also important that you examine what is permissible to introduce in the recipient countries so that your package arrives safely.

Customs regulations

Address card must be completed with the customs invoice. This customs invoice must be signed by hand.

These shipments must accompany a completed customs invoice:

  • Packages in a value in excess of 5000.– kroner.
  • Packages to be returned.
  • Packages sent temporarily out of Norway. For example, goods for repair.

For gift shipments between individuals, we always recommend a completed customs invoice attached to the package. Customs Invoice should contain specific information on the content, value and it should be evident that it is a gift.

Read more about
how to fill out customs documents correctly and what documents you need to complete.