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Letters with extra security

Here are the different options we offer when you need extra security.

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What security do you need?
  1. Registered letter

    Registered letter is the solution if you need proof of the submission and the handing out of the letter.

    You get a receipt when the letter is submitted, and the person you are sending to must show proof of identity when collecting the letter. You can track the letter within Norway. Read more about registered letter.

    The price of the letter depends on the size:


      Small Big Maxi
    Domestic 190,– 235,– 320,–
    International 215,– 280,– 470,–
  2. Insured letter

    With insured letter you get a proof that the letter is handed in, and the recipient is notified that the consignment has come to the post office/Post in Store.

    The insured letter is insured up to 40,000 kroner, and the recipient must therefore show proof of identity and sign before the letter is handed out.

    It is normal delivery times for insured letter, it will arrive after two to three business days.

    Pleas note that the letter can only be shipped domestically and is limited to 2 kilograms! Read more about insured letter.

    Price per shipment: 452.– kroner.

  3. The recipient gets the shipment handed out when paying for it. You get the money on your account in 1–5 business days. You can choose Cash on Delivery for domestic letters up to 2 kilograms. At the delivery point you will get a form to be filled out. The shipment must be handed in at our delivery points or to the country mailman. Read more about Cash on Delivery.

    Price for CoD letter is 109.– kroner.