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Parcel under 2 kilo

Here is everything you need to know about sending parcels under 2 kilograms.

How would you like to send the parcel?

    To the mailbox

    How thick is the parcel?
    1. How much is the weight?
    2. How much is the weight?
    3. How much is the weight?

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    NB! If the parcel's length is over 60 cm, or length + width + thickness is over 90 cm, the parcel should be sent as Norgespakken. Find the price.

    If sending a parcel lighter than 100 grams, find the price.

    Parcels shipped to mailbox is payable with stamps. You can buy digital stamps online, and regular stamps at Posten. Read more about postage.

  2. With tracking and insurance

    All parcels between 0–2 kg are shipped in Norway as Norgespakken, with tracking and insurance. Read more about Norgespakken

    The price is when bought online. Buying at the post office, find the prices.



    Registered shipment is your choice when you need proof of submission and delivery. You get a receipt when handing in the shipment,  and the receiver must show proof of identity when collecting the shipment. And you can also trace it all the way. Read more about registered parcel.