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Stamps and postage

Stamps, postage rates and personalized stamps for letters and small parcels up to two kilograms.

Stamps are sold individually, in pamphlets, on a roll and in entire sheets. You can buy stamps in our online store, at the post office, Post in Store or at gas stations, convenience stores, bookstores, etc.


You can use stamps as postage for letters and small parcels up to two kilograms, whether you want to send A-Priority or B-Economy.
To figure out the correct price, you must look at the size and weight of your shipment.

Read more and find prices for A-Priority and B-Economy.

Substitution of unused stamps

You can only exchange stamps in full sheets, rolls and stamp booklets at your local post office.
Single stamps can not be exchanged.
Price for exchange is 33 kroner per commenced 100 stamps.
NB: Stamps can only be changed in other stamps, not in cash.

Personalized stamps

Are you going to send letters, invitations, thank you cards or just want to show off your child, your cabin or cat? Then you can make beautiful personalized stamps.
You can choose whether the stamps will be used in Norway or sent to Europe.

Click here to make and send personalized stamps. (In Norwegian only).

Valueless stamps

Stamps without inflicted value. They are always valid for postage by A-Priority up to 20 grams domestic, to Europe or to the rest of the world.
The stamps are also valid in combination with other stamps to cover higher prices domestically or abroad. Each stamp has as a value corresponding to the current price for A-Priority up to 20 grams domestic, to Europe or to the rest of the world.

Forwarding schedule

You can choose between A-Priority or B-Economy.

Minimum measurements for postal consignments

Letters: 9 x 14 cm.
Role: Minimum length 10 cm.
Length + double diameter must at least be 17 cm.

Maximum measurements for postal consignments

Letters: Length up to 60 cm.
Length + width + thickness not exceeding 90 cm.
Role: Length up to 90 cm.
Length + double diameter not exceeding 104 cm.

Remember correct postage

If you send mail with insufficient postage, we ensure that your shipment anyway arrives its destination. We pay for the lack of postage, and send you as the sender a bill. If the sender is not specified, the bill will be sent to the recipient. Shipping cost for this service is 57 kroner, plus an additional 8 kroner per letter.

Have you received an invoice for missing postage, you can log into this page to see the picture of the shipment.

Additonal services

In addition to regular letters and small packages, you can use the stamps to pay postage for registered mail, insured letters and letters and small parcels with COD.